Richard Stockton College Athletic Training

Plyometric Program 
 Sample plyometric workout for conditioning and ACL 
injury prevention. 

  • For a brief  overview of plyometrics and a discussion on our use of them for conditioning and knee injury prevention click here. 
  • To see examples of each of our plyometric exercises click here.

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During the first 2-3 weeks landing technique should be the primary focus of each exercise .  Once the technique is mastered the number of reps and sets (intensity) can be increased gradually.  At 4-6 weeks the athlete can begin focusing mainly on maximizing the height and distance of each jump.

Any athlete who is returning from an ACL injury or other significant lower extremity injury should only attempt a plyometric program under the supervision of a Certified Athletic Trainer or Licensed Physical Therapist.

Each exercise is done at a distance of 20 yards.
1x3= 1 set of 3 reps

Day 1 -
Hop, Hop- Stick Landing (1x2)
Jump, Jump, Jump, Vertical (1x3)
Two to One- Stick Landing (1x2)
Jump Step Jump (1x3)
180 Degree Jumps (3x20)
Day 2 -
Broad Jump- Stick Landing (1x3) 
Jump Step Jump (1x3)
Bounding (3x3)
One to Two- Stick Landing (1x2) 
Tuck Jumps (3x20)
Day 3 -
Hop, Hop- Stick Landing (1x2) 
Jump, Jump, Jump, Vertical (1x3)
Two to One- Stick Landing (1x2)
Broad Jumps- Stick Landing (1x3)
180 Degree Jumps (3x20)
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