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The holding area for our past injury/ rehab updates on Stockton Athletes.

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Jamie Gasko returns after shoulder surgery. 3/11 softball
Kelly Dodd makes full recovery from hip injury. 4/09 Softball
Ronika Eckart Sprinting in Top Form After Fibula Fracture. 2/09 Track
Ian Muchanic Returns from Ankle Injury. 2/09 Lacrosse
Sam Bean & Lindsay Roake return from ACL injuries. 10/08 Women's Soccer
Gorczynski and Kutch return from head injuries.5/08 Softball
Ian Muchanic out with ankle injury. 5/08- Lacrosse
Baseball dealing with multiple injuries. 4/08
Melissa Baumgartner back from a shoulder injury. 3/08- Softball
Anthony Bonjavanni returns to lax from rotator cuff injury. 2/08- Lacrosse
Ronika Eckart to miss NJAC's with an ankle fracture. 2/08- Track
Michele Auerbacher to miss remainder of season with tibial plateau fracture. 1/08-
Lindsay Roake tears ACL misses season. 9/07- Women's Soccer
Amanda Burkart return 3 weeks after knee surgery. 9/07- Volleyball
Samantha Bean tears ACL misses season. 8/07- Women's Soccer
Leanne Ternosky undergoes ACL surgery. 11/06- Women's Soccer
Jaci Greenstein fractures femur and tears ACL. 10/06- Women's Soccer
Tim McKenna misses entire season due to hip flexor strain. 10/06- Men's Soccer
Kellen Smith tears ACL- 9/06- Men's Soccer
Matt Bimbi reinjures knee at practice. 4/06- Lacrosse
Brian Paras makes full recovery after PCL sprain. 3/06- Baseball
Women's Soccer battling multiple concussions. 10/05
Seth McQuay suffers second consecutive season ending injury. 8/05- Men's Soccer
Carrie Adams reinjures knee after meniscal surgery. 3/03- Women's Basketball
Nick Scafidi back from knee surgery in 3 weeks. 11/02- Soccer
Sean Tomesco returns from ankle fracture and surgery. 3/02- Baseball
Melissa Hoffman returns after shoulder surgery. 3/02- Softball
Keith Roman back after second ACL surgery. 3/02- Lax
Leahann Stebbins returns after two season ending injuries 3/02.- Softball
Cara Monkowski returns successfully from bilateral foot surgery. 3/02- Track
Brian Druker returns successfully from shoulder surgery. 2/02- Lacrosse.
Brad Zulauf returns with ACL injury. 4/01- Lacrosse.
James Spell comes back strong after hand surgery. 2/01- Men's Basketball.
Mike Williams recovers from a knee sprain. 2/01- Men's Basketball.
DeAnna Stark returns from knee injuries. 11/00- Women's Soccer.
Shannon Keelan earns conference honors after ACL Surgery. 11/00- Women's Soccer
Chris Wiener completes rehab after hand surgery. 11/00- Men's Soccer.
Tracy Smith completes successful ankle rehab. 10/00- VB, Conference Player of the Year.
Emari DiGiorgio Fractures Ankle:  4/00- Softball, xrays are shown.
Karisa McMorris Dislocates Knee: 11/99- Women's Basketball, xrays are shown.
Kelli Bakanowsky Injures Ankle:  2/00-Women's Basketball, also earned  NJAC Rookie of the Year- 2000.
Brian Tomchik Fractures Thumb:4/00  Lax season ends early, xrays are shown.
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