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DiGiorgio Fractures Ankle
 (Information provided by Jon Heck, MS, ATC, Coordinator of Athletic Training)
Emari DiGiorgio Background: Emari is freshman on the softball team.  At the time of her injury she was about to take over the role of DP, after some early season clutch hitting.  Her hometown is Newfield NJ, and she attended Delsea Regional High School.

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Emari completed her rehabilitation sessions at NovaCare during the summer and an additional 2 weeks with us at Stockton in September. She made a complete recovery and has returned to all activities, including distance running, jumping, hopping etc. However, at this time Emari has decided that she will not return to intercollegiate softball.
Emari continues to make outstanding progress.  She is now full weight bearing with just an aircast stirrup brace and was pretty happy to get rid of her crutches.  Her rehab now includes strengthening with theratubing in all directions, heel raises, and working on proprioception in the standing position.  Her inflammation has decreased significantly, while her AROM continues to improve.  She has returned to normal motion for dorsiflexion.  Emari has also begun working out on the stationary bike.  She has been diligent in her rehab, and her early results demonstrate this.  Since the spring semester is over, Emari will be doing physical therapy at home with NovaCare for the next 4 weeks.  (Ankle Photo at right is 25 days post surgery, on 4/27/00)

Emari has made nice early progress, particularly due to Dr. Zabinski's allowance for early motion.  Just two weeks after her surgery she has been cleared for partial weight bearing with her crutches.  We are increasing the range of motion setting on her walking boot to her tolerance.  Her inflammation has decreased significantly since 4/17 and her active range of motion exercises (AROM) now include inversion and eversion.  Her AROM measures, 10 degrees in dorsiflexion, 25 degrees in plantarflexion, 13 degrees of inversion, and 10 degrees in eversion.  Her rehab also includes proprioception in the seated position on the wobble board.  Emari is now working on isometric strengthening in all directions and stretching for plantarflexion and dorsiflexion.  She returns to Dr. Zabinski on 4/25.  (Ankle Photo at right is 12 days post surgery, on 4/14/00)

Women's softball player, Emari Digiorgio, injured her left ankle at practice on 3/29/00 while sliding into home plate.  She was initially placed non- weight bearing on crutches and was treated with Rest, Ice, Compression, & Elevation.  Our original impression was she had significant grade 2-3 ankle sprain.  She was referred on Friday 3/31 for follow-up to Dr. Steve Zabinski of Shore University Orthopedic Associates in Somers Point, NJ.  X-rays were taken and she was diagnosed with a spiral fracture of the fibula in addition to the ankle sprain.  Dr. Zabinski recommended surgery and the use of metal plate to aid in the healing of the fracture.  Surgery was scheduled for Sunday 4/2/00 at Shore Memorial Hospital in Somers Point.  She began early rehab focusing on gentle range of motion exercises on Wednesday, 4/5/00. ( Ankle photo at right  is 3 days post surgery.) 
Pre & Post Surgery X-Rays
(Click to Enlarge)
Left: Pre Surgery / Center: Anterior View/ Right: Lateral View
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