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Mike Williams Injures Knee
 (Information provided by Jon Heck, MS, ATC, Coordinator of Athletic Training)

Mike Williams is a 6'3" senior forward for the men's basketball team. He is shooting 62% from the floor and averaging 5.5 pts, 3.9 rebounds, and 16 minutes per game. His hometown is Florence, NJ and he attended Florence High School.

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2/2/01- Williams Back in Lineup
Mike practiced without problems on Tuesday and performed well in the Rowan game. He played 19 minutes, scored 6 points, had 5 rebounds. He also had the in-bounds assist on James Spell's 3-pointer that sent the game into OT with 1 second remaining. Although we lost the game to Rowan in OT, Williams had no further complications with his knee. Mike will continue rehab 3 days/ week.

1/30/01- Williams Expected to Play Against Rowan
Mike was seen by Dr. John Baker today. The results of his MRI were negative for meniscal or ligament damage. Mike was diagnosed with a tibial/ meniscal contusion. He still has some significant pain associated with full knee flexion. We will now focus on returning his range of motion to normal, increasing his proprioception and improving his quad/ hamstring strength. He will continue with rehab at least for the next 2 weeks. If he passes his functional testing today, we expect him practice and be available on a limited basis against Rowan on Wednesday.

1/29/01- Williams Status Improves
Mike's knee has been steadily improving day by day. He still has not developed any significant inflammation and his pain free range of motion continues to get better. We removed him from crutches on Friday. His improvement has lowered our index of suspicion for a meniscal tear. He had an MRI on Saturday at Atlantic City Medical Center. He returns to Dr. John Baker on Tuesday for follow-up. He will continue rehab daily.

1/25/01- Williams Sprains Knee
In the second overtime of the men's basketball game against TCNJ, Mike Williams landed on someones foot while rebounding and twisted his knee. He continued to play and did not come out of the game. Post game he was evaluated and iced. Today he presented with little inflammation but a great deal of pain and a limited Range of Motion. His evaluation indicates a possible medial meniscal tear, and Mike was placed on crutches after rehab focusing on pain control. He is scheduled with an orthopedic visit tomorrow afternoon. Mike will be out of competition until a firm diagnosis is made.
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