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Update on Spell's Hand Surgery
 (Information provided by Jon Heck, MS, ATC, Coordinator of Athletic Training)

James Spell  Background: James is a transfer from Barton College in North Carolina. He is a point guard and this is his first year with the Stockton basketball team.  His home town is Lindenwold NJ and he he went to Overbrook High School..

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1/21/01- Spell's Return is Successful
James has had no hand pain since his full return to the men's basketball team. He has played in 8 games since his return from hand surgery on 12/9/00. The team has gone 5-3 since the return of their point guard. James has averaged 31 minutes per game and 9.3 pts, 2.9 rebounds, and 2.6 assists and is shooting 78% from the free throw line. His hand evaluation is just about completely normal. He still has a very slight extension lag of his 5th finger, which we expect to remain. James will continue rehab 3x's / week for the next two weeks and we then anticipate his rehabilitation to be complete.
12/11/00- Spell Returns Ahead of Schedule
James Spell returned to the basketball court ahead of schedule on Saturday 12/9. Spell played in the game against New Jersey City University at point guard and contributed to the 80-73 win. We expected him to return to full practice on 12/11 and play in the first game of the spring semester on January 5th. But James made excellent progress over the past two weeks since his last vistit to Dr. Baker. He had a return of a normal ROM for his 4th and 5th fingers (we expect him to have a few degree extension lag in his 5th finger), and his strength level was just about equal to his uninvolved hand. James has been rehabing 5 days per week and doing double rehab sessions two days per week. During this period his rehab focused on wrist strengthening and hand/ finger strength. He had been working on shooting and dribbling drills during this two week process. He returned to full practice for the first time on Friday 12/8. James will continue his rehab 5 days/ week for the remainder of the semester.
11/16/00- Spell has Wrist Splint Removed
Spell returned to the physican on Monday 10/13 and his wrist splint was removed and replaced with a small hand splint shown in the photo. This allowed us to begin active range of motion (AROM) and passive range of motion (PROM) exercises on his wrist, hand, and fingers just two weeks after surgery. Presently he is having the most difficulty with his 5th finger extension, and to a lesser degree his 4th finger extension. These fingers were immobilized for two weeks after surgery. He returns to Dr. Baker on 11/20, and we anticipate the pin will be removed. This will allow us to step up his rehab program.
10/26/00- Spell Fractures Hand and Requires Surgery
During practice on Thursday morning James fell on his left hand after going for a rebound. After the injury he was evaluated by the Stockton athletic training staff, and a fracture was suspected. He was immediately iced and immobilized. James was referred to the Mainland Division of the Atlantic City Medical Center (ACMC) for emergency room treatment. He was diagnosed with a fractured 5th metacarpal. He also fractured this bone in the spring of 1999. He was then evaluated by Dr. John Baker and it was determined that because the fracture was angulated to about 60 degrees he would require surgery and pinning of the bone for optimum results. The surgery was completed on Friday morning and a pin was successfully inserted. James was home by 1pm on Friday. We expect him to be out of basketball for about 5-6 weeks. We anticipate he will be removed from his cast/splint in about 3 weeks, and he will then begin rehabilitation on his hand. Spell fractured his left hand which is also his dominant and shooting hand.
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