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 Stark Sprains Knee

 (Information provided by Jon Heck, MS, ATC, Coordinator of Athletic Training)
DeAnna Stark  Background: DeAnna is a captain for the women's soccer team and starting Marking Back.  She has been a 4 year starter with the Ospreys.  Her home town is Roxbury NJ, and she went to Morris Catholic high school.

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2/15/01- MRI Negative for Meniscal Injury
DeAnna finally had her MRI and the results were negative for any meniscal damage. She has returned to all activities without symptoms.
DeAnna continued her rehab 3 days per week during the fall semester. She will be getting an MRI on her left knee in the near future, as she was in "limbo" period while her primary insurance company was changed.
10/10/00- Stark Rebounds Well Through Injuries
DeAnna has played without problems regarding her MCL sprain. She scored a goal in the game in Georgia in the win against Savannah College. She also played the entire game against Drew University on Monday 10/9. The pain and problems in her left knee have not worsened. She will continue to participate fully as long as she does not develope any additional problems. Our concern is she may have a meniscal problem developing in this knee. She will continue rehabilitation at least 3 days a week on both knees, focusing on strength, range of motion and proprioception.
DeAnna returned to play in the College of NJ game.  She played 90 minutes and was a key contributor in the teams 1-0 upset of the #1 ranked team in the country.  She also went on to play the entire game against William Paterson on Saturday, which Stockton lost 2-1 in overtime.  However, on Sunday she noticed pain in her other knee.  We now are concerned she may have sustained a new injury in her "uninvolved" knee.  She was kept out of practice through Wednesday, while rehabilitating both knees every day this week.  DeAnna will participate in the team's game in Georgia this weekend and we will re-evaluate both knees upon her return from their trip.
DeAnna Stark injured her knee during the Montclair game on  Saturday 9/16/00.  She was removed from the game and evaluated by the athletic training staff and assessed with a moderate MCL Sprain.  She began rehab on Monday and seen by  Dr. Steve Zabinski on Tuesday evening.  She was diagnosed with an grade II MCL sprain, with no ACL or meniscal injury.  She had a similar injury to same knee in December of 1999.  She did not participate in spring soccer and worked on her knee rehabilitation at Stockton from January through April.  She had a successful return to full activity during the summer.  DeAnna was unable to play in the Rowan game on Wednesday due to the recent injury.  Her rehabilitation is progressing rapidly, as she already has a normal range of motion and excellent strength.  We are attempting to have her return for the College of NJ game on Wednesday 9/27.  She will be participating in a knee brace.
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