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Wiener Hand Injury Update
 (Information provided by Jon Heck, MS, ATC, Coordinator of Athletic Training)

Chris Wiener  Background: Chris is a captain for the men's soccer team and starting defensive player.  He is a three year member with the Ospreys.  His home town is Manahawkin NJ, and he went to Southern Regional high school.

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11/29/00- Wiener Begins Rehab after Hand Surgery
Chris returned to Dr. Voit on 10/31 and had the pins removed from his hand about 4 weeks after surgery. He was placed in a smaller cast and was able to finish the soccer season. On 11/14 he again returned to Dr. Voit and had his cast removed and was placed in removable wrist splint. Chris was cleared to begin rehab at this time, but he was a bit non-compliant. He did do some home exercises. We got him to show up today, two weeks after being removed from his cast. He has some limited Range of Motion regarding his 4th & 5th fingers, and with wrist extension and ulnar deviation. He also has some weakness associated with the same fingers. We will focus his rehab on these shortcomings and Chris will return to Dr. Voit in about 2 weeks. He has lost about 1/2" in his forearm size compared to his uninvolved side. We expect him to complete his rehab in 2-3 weeks.
10/12/00- Wiener Returns from Hand Surgery
Chris Wiener returned to the soccer field on Wednesday 10/11 from a fractured hand. Chris fractured his hand in a non-athletic injury on 9/17/00. He was diagnosed with a fracture dislocation involving the 5th carpometacarpal joint of his right hand. The injury required surgery and three pins were required to stabilize the injury. The surgery was performed on October 2nd by hand surgeon Dr. Greg Voit. He was placed in a temporary cast for one week. A new cast was put in place on 10/10/00 which immobilizes his hand, wrist and 4th and 5th fingers. He was cleared to return to soccer in the new cast with proper padding. He will remain in the cast for 3 weeks. Chris missed the majority of last season with knee injury involving his MCL.
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