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Brad Zulauf Sprains Knee

 (Information provided by Jon Heck, MS, ATC, Coordinator of Athletic Training)

Brad Zulauf is a senior starting midfielder for the lacrosse team. He is a 4 year member of the team and expects to graduate in May of 2001. His hometown is Lincoln Park, NJ and he attended Boonton High School.

We would like to make special note that Brad's return with an ACL injury before surgery is a unique situation. He is the first athlete in my 10 years here that we have allowed to return to play after this type of injury. We want to be sure other athletes realize this is the exception rather than the norm for ACL injury management.

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4/12/01- Zulauf Excels Through Knee Injury
Brad has played in 4 games since our last update. His knee remains asymptomatic and he has put up excellent numbers for the team. He has scored 7 goals and put up 6 assists while the team is 4-0 in those games. His playing time has steadily increased as his fitness has returned. His knee is doing very well with no signficant changes over the last two weeks. Brad continues his rehab 3x's per week, and he will maintain the program we have established for him.

3/30/01- Zulauf Does Well in Early Return
Brad has done well in the early part of his return from an ACL injury. He played in about 1/2 of the Wesley College game. He played the entire game against Montclair University and scored a goal in the conference win on turf in Montlcair NJ. He continues on his rehab program three days per week.

3/20/01- Zulauf Set to Attempt Return
Brad has progressed well through rehab. His range of motion is normal, and his quad and hamstring strength are equal to his uninjured leg. He has progressed through a focused program working on his proprioception and increasing his hamstring strength. Functionally he has advanced through stationary hopping to plyometrics without problems. Yesterday he warmed up with the team pregame, and today he passed an aggressive fuctional running and cutting tests. He will begin practicing with the team today, with a custom DonJoy functional brace. Brad will be moved to the attack position, since this involves less running than midfielder. We expect him to participate on a limited basis in their game at Wesley College tomorrow. He will continue his rehab with us 3 days per week and we will continue to work on his propriception, hamstring strength and plyometrics.

3/5/01- Zulauf Diagnosed with ACL Tear
Brad returned to Dr. Zabinski today with his MRI. The diagnosis was made that he has a complete tear of his ACL, but no other associated damage to his knee. Brad is a graduating senior and wants to try to play and delay his surgery until the end of the season. We have explained the risks of this to Brad and made a team decision to allow him this opportunity. He will have to go through approximately 2 more weeks of rehab, obtain a custum functional knee brace, and pass an aggressive functional running test before he gets back on the field. Typically we do not allow athletes to return to their sport without the ACL surgery, but since Brad is making an informed decision and it's his final season we are making an exception. His knee is doing very well. There is no significant inflammation, Range of Motion has returned to normal, and we will begin working on an aggressive rehab program focusing on hamstring strength and proprioception.

2/27/01- Zulauf Has Probable ACL Tear
During practice on Monday 2/26 Brad was making a cut when he felt a "pop" and his right knee give way. No contact was involved. He was initially evaluated on the field by the student athletic trainers and then was escorted to the athletic training room. He was re-evaluated at that time and an ACL injury was suspected. He was placed on crutches and began treatments for pain and inflammation control. He was seen by Dr. Steve Zabinski, MD of Shore University Orthopedic Associates in Mays Landing, today. The diagnosis was made of a probable ACL tear and he has an MRI scheduled for Thursday morning 3/1 to confirm the injury. He will continue with rehab on a daily basis working on pain and inflammation control and improving his range of motion.
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