Richard Stockton College Athletic Training

New Athletic Training Room
The new athletic training facility came online in June of 2000.  The 1,100 sqare foot room is located on the third floor of the $17 million Multipurpose Recreation Center, adjacent to the fitness center.

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Provided by Champlon
7 treatment tables (three w/ cabinetry)
4 taping tables w/ 3 storage stations
4 modality carts
2 closets
1 bookcase
2 counters/ cabinets
8 exam stools

Provided by David & Charles Levinson, Inc
4 Richmar Theratouch7.7 combination stim/ ultrasound units
2 Whitehall extremity whirlpools- E27M
3 Whitehall Thermalators- T8M
1 Scotsman flaked ice machine



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