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Sports Medicine Symposium-2000

Survey Results

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Attendance: The Symposium was attended by 102 professionals and students.
The 2001 Symposium will be held on Saturday July 21st.

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On a 1-5 scale (5 is the highest) the Symposium graded out as follows:

Overall impression of the symposium: 4.22
Content of the symposium: 4.13

Some of the Comments:
"Good overall content & presentation style."
"Great learning experience for PT's and ATC's."
"Nice variety of topics, very interesting."
"Thank you for keeping the cost low."
"I like the format with multiple, shorter topics."
"I enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and late starting time."
"Overall very well done! Good job."
"Good pace, enjoyed the "informal" attitude."

Based on your comments we will work on the following:
Decrease the Anatomy Reviews: I am in agreement here, we will ensure our speakers
are informed to keep anatomy to a minimum and focus on the rehab, surgical, and
practical aspects of their topics.
Keep Those Speakers in Time: We ended the symposium on time last year, but we got there in a strange way ... some speakers were long some were short. It will be a priority this year to keep the speakers from going over their given time frame.
Improve Speaker Outlines: If you check last year's feedback, we were going to work on getting outlines from all of our speakers in the course program. We managed that. Now, you want improved outlines that don't require much writing on your part. In a perfect world you'll have that. I will continue to emphasize it to our speakers, but I'm somewhat limited in what I can do here.

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