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Stockton Sports Medicine Gathering
“A Casual Exchange of Information”

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Updated 7/20/01
Saturday July 21, 2001
A-Wing Lecture Hall
Cost: $55- ATC's,PT's,PTA's
$30- Students (including May 2001 Graduates)

—Go to a printable Registration Form
—Brochure mailing completed on June 19th
We are still waiting to hear from the APTAnj on CEU's (7/20)

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Symposium Director:
Jon Heck, MS, ATC
Direct all Questions above

To join the symposium mailing list E-Mail Jon Heck

Info on the 2000 Symposium & Results
Info on the 1999 Symposium

Past Speakers

Dr. Dave Anapolle, MD-
Pace Orthopedics

Doug Dannehower, PT, OCS
Bacharach Rehabilitation

Mike Goldenberg, MS, ATC
The Lawrenceville School

Lou Hochstrasser, MS, PT

Ned Lenny, PT

Jim Phillips, PT, ATC
Suburban Physical Therapy

Dr. Brian Sennett, MD
Univ. of Penn Hospital

Dr. Joe Torg, MD
Hahnemann University

Mike Weis, PT, ATC
MCRC Physical Therapy

Chuck Whedon, MS, ATC
Rowan University

John Worley, ATC
Philadelphia Flyers

Dr. Steve Zabinski, MD
Shore Univ. Orth. Assoc.

Dr. Glenn Zuck, DO
Pace Orthopedics

2001 Speakers & Topics Speaker Bio's

The Concept

A few things I never liked about seminars, symposiums, (and the like) ... being there by 8 am (hey, it's Saturday) ... the formal, stuffy atmosphere ... and walking around with a name tag on me.  So these are our the guidelines: no name tags, we start at 10 am, and sandals are appropriate.  It's the content of the symposium that counts, anyway.  And we hope to clear that hurdle with a casual exchange of useful information.  It is our intention to make this a stress- free, informal gathering.  

The symposium is directed toward practicing Certified Athletic Trainers and Physical Therapists.  However, the information is definitley applicable to PTA's-- and students and anyone with a sports medicine interest are certainly welcome.
Symposium Background 
The process began in July of 1999 with our first symposium.  We put together a skeleton format ("there weren't a whole lot of extras") and charged a minimal fee to get the ball rolling.  We managed to secure some excellent speakers and pulled off a successful program.  The success of our first two attempts has led us to our third effort.  We have made the commitment to turning this into an annual event and we are dedicated to steadily improving and growing this Sports Medicine Gathering.  

As nice as all this is, it doesn't explain our primary motivation for the symposium.  With no offense intended to those of you in the "07" zip code ... it never seems Sports Medicine Professionals get much priority attention in South Jersey.  Most of the seminars aren't in our zip code ... or it's a long haul to get there, and the darn things always start too early for a long drive.  So our primary motivation was (and remains): a symposium in the "08" zip code fills a need to area professionals.

The presentation format for the symposium will be a straight lecture style.  Each presentation will run approximately 40 minutes and be followed by a 5 minute Q&A from the audience.  

We will allow 5 minute "mini-breaks" between each lecture while we set up for the next presentation.  We do ask that you return to your seats within this 5 minute time frame to allow minimal distractions from the start of the next presentation.  The major break will be during lunch which begins at 1:20pm and will last 45 minutes. 

This year we are having a roundtable as the final presentation. It will feature Dr. Sennett and Dr. Zabinski. This will be very informal and we will open this up to the audience for questions on any topic. So come prepared with any questions you've been "jonesing" to ask an orthopod.

Dress Code
What's our dress code?  Well, actually we don't have one.  It's July, it's hot, it's humid, it's NJ .... for those of us who work in high schools or colleges, it's the off-season ... so we ask that you dress comfortably.  Our preference?  We'd love to see everyone relaxing in shorts, and t-shirts.  Formal, shmormal- that's our mantra.
For Certified Athletic Trainers: We are recognized by the NATA Board of Certification to offer continuing education for certified athletic trainers.  An NATABOC report of attendance will be issued for 6 CEU's. 

For Physical Therapists: We are applying for CEU's to the APTA-NJ. We will update that status here as we know more information.

New Jersey Department of Education: We are a New Jersey Professional Development Provider and an report of attendance will be issued for 6 hours.

Registration Info
—The registration deadline is Tuesday, July 17th.  (Mail-In registration makes running this a whole lot easier.)
—To get to a printable registration form click here.
—There will be limited walk-in registration, based on the number of pre-registrants.  So it could be 1 or it could be 30.   (Payment by check makes things a lot easier for us.)
—Cost for ATC's, PT's, PTA's- $55.  For students- $30.
—Questions or problems should be directed to Jon Heck at 609-652-4952.
Menu-Lunch (subject to change)
Subs (turkey, roast beef, italian, cheese)
Pasta Salad
Potato Chips
Soda/ Bottled Water (Yea, we're hip)
Menu- AM
Coffee & Tea

2001 Speakers & Topics
Dr. Dave Anapolle, MD
Pace Orthopedics

X-Treme Sports Injuries.

Dayle Federico, PT-
Spinal Cord Injury Program Coordinator
Bacharach Institute of Rehabilitation
The Wheelchair Athlete.
Jon Heck, MS, ATC
Coordinator of Athletic Training
Richard Stockton College

Update on Lumbar Rehab: Getting Hollow

Dr. John Salvo, MD
Associate Sports Medicine Director
MCP- Hahnemann University
Elbow Pain in Throwing Athletes.
Dr. Brian Sennett, MD
Chief- Sports Medicine
Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
An Update on Mensical Surgery: From A-Z.
Barb Whedon, MS, RD
Nutrition Educator/Counselor
Jefferson University
Adapting the Diet to the Distance: Dietary Strategies for the Injured Long Distance Runner.
Dr. Steve Zabinski, MD
Shore University Orthopedic Associates
Optimizing the Relationship Between the Orthopedist and Rehab Professional.

2001 Presentation Schedule
9:15 am Check-In and Registration
9:55 am Welcome- Jon Heck, MS, ATC
10:00 am Update on Lumbar Rehab: Getting Hollow
Jon Heck, MS, ATC
10:50 am Adapting the Diet to the Distance: Dietary Strategies for the Injured Long Distance Runner
Barb Whedon, MS, RD
11:35 am Break
11:45 am Elbow Pain in Throwing Athletes
Dr. John Salvo, MD
12:35 pm X-Treme Sports Injuries
Dr. Dave Anapolle, MD
1:20 pm Break/ Lunch (provided)
2:10 pm The Wheel Chair Athlete
Dayle Federico, PT
3:00 pm Update on Meniscal Surgery: From A-Z
Dr. Brian Sennett, MD
3:45 pm Break
3:55 pm

Optimizing the Relationship Between the Orthopedist and Rehab Professional
Dr. Steve Zabinski, MD

4:45 pm Open Topic Round-Table Discussion
Dr. Brian Sennett and Dr. Steve Zabinski
5:30 pm Closing Remarks


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