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Athletic Training Room:
We are located in the new Sports Center, the room number is 309. The Sports Center is located adjacent to Parking Lot #4. Take a look at the athletic training room.

The athletic training room is available to visiting teams pre & post game. The athletic training room will be open 1.5 hours before a game and for 30 minutes after a game. 

Ice, moist heat, *whirlpools, **E-stim, **Ultrasound
*Call ahead if whirlpools are needed, as we do not always have these ready for use.
**The use of these modalities require a note from the host ATC or a physician

Services Available:
All games will be covered by one of our Certfied Athletic Trainers. Student Assistants will also be assigned to games.

We are available to tape visiting players if needed.
Every team should bring their own supplies for taping. Should your team forget their medical kit (we certainly have), we will supply tape for your team.

Game Equipment:
The following will be available at games:
1)Emergency care equipment
3 )Water
4 )Ice
5 )Cups
(For sanitary reasons water bottles and bench towels are not supplied)

Various Info:
Stockton Athletic Training Staff
Phone: (609) 652-4952 
Fax:  (609) 652-4390 

AtlanticCare Medical Center- Mainland Division: is located on our campus on Jim Leeds Rd.
Phone: 609-652-1000

Directions to the college are available here.
Questions or comments regarding the Athletic Training Pages should be directed to 
Jon Heck at: