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Rehab In-Action 
Some Photo's of those who have experienced rehabilitation 
at Stockton.  Of course, the pertinent question is ... 
Are you experienced?

Spring 2008

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Matt Hunt- Elbow Injury.  Laura Daniels- Lower legs.  Alex Berwick- Ankel sprain.

Antony Defeo- Hamstring strain. Melissa Stuhler- Shoulder surgery. Cara Zahorsky- Foot and shin injuries.

Felipe Duarte- Knee surgeries. Laura O'Shea- Shin surgery. Ian Muchanic- Ankle injury.

George Hamilton- Shoulder surgery. Joe Gadomski- Rehabs a shoulder injury. Katherine Rudy- Lower leg injury

Mike Peoples- ACL Nick VanWattingen- Hamstring Ronika Eckart- Fx Fibula

Mario Lancioni- Rehabs Through a knee

Courtney Nycz- Works on an elbow

Hayley Jorgensen- Hamstring injury.

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