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Greenstein Fractures Femur in Soccer Game

Jaci Greenstein fractured her right femur during a game at Stockton on Saturday against Centenary. The injury occured when Jaci collided with the opposing goalie. She was immobilized on the field and transported to the trauma unit of the AtlanticCare Regional Medical Center - Atlantic City Campus. She had surgery on Saturday night and the fracture site was secured with a titanium rod and several screws.

She was up on crutches today at the hospital (Monday) and expects to be discharged today or tomorrow. The possibility exists she also has a knee injury. Due to the extent of her femur injury her knee could not be effectively evaluated or treated simultaneously. A fractured femur is an extremely rare injury resulting from athletic competition. It is obviously a season ending injury. Jaci will begin rehab with Stockton Athletic Training Services as directed by her surgeon.

Recent evaluation of Jaci's knee revealed an ACL tear to go along with her fractured femur. There is also a good possibility she has meniscal tear in her knee. She will be getting an MRI at the end of the week to confirm this diagnosis. Our primary focus now in rehab is to increase her knee flexion. She anticipates having ACL surgery approximately 8-12 weeks after her femur surgery, which would be in December or January.


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