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Muchanic remains out with an ankle sprain

Ian Muchanic injured his ankle in a lacrosse game on 4/2/08 against Susquehanna. He did not recall a specific mechanism of injury but reported the next day to the athletic training room for evaluation. He was diagnosed with an eversion ankle sprain, which is a much less common type of ankle sprain. Initially we expected to have Ian back and playing by 4/12/08. "Ian has been rehabing diligently but we have been unable to get him back on the field. " commented Jon Heck, MS, ATC, coordinator of athletic training. Ian will now be getting an MRI to better evaluate the extent of the injury to his deltoid ligament and also rule out any injury to his posterior tibialis tendon.

Muchanic is a starting junior defensemen for the ospreys who is also a two time Honorable Mention All-Conference selection. Ian had started every game until his injury. He is not going to play in the lacrosse game on Saturday and he is considered doubtful to be ready for their playoff game on Wednesday 4/30/08.

Update: 5/8/08- Ian was able to play in the conference playoff game on 4/30, after he made good progress over the weekend. He had his ankle heavily taped and played about 2.5 quarters without a setback in the loss for the Ospreys. Muchanic then had his MRI on 5/4 and it revealed a partial tear to his posterior tibialis tendon. He will now be seeing a foot and ankle specialist for his treatment plan for the summer.

5 /8/08

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