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Dodd Makes Full Recovery From Hip Injury

Kelly Dodd is a junior first baseman for the Osprey’s softball team. During the summer of ’08, Kelly suffered a hip injury that kept her from playing in her non-traditional season. She was diagnosed with ‘snapping hip syndrome’ and a hip labral tear. Her doctor recommended conservative treatment that included a rehabilitation program. She progressed with rehab well during the fall semester, and during the winter break worked with Tracy Pienkos, MPT, ATC. Kelly went through functional training and agilities with Tracy and when she returned to the Athletic Training room in January, she was ready to continue her rehab and return to play. Kelly returned to the field for the first time since her injury during spring break in Fort Myers, FL. Since making a full comeback, Kelly has played in 23 games, is batting a .348 with 4 homeruns and leading the team with 25 RBI.

4 /10/09

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