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Eckart Back in Top Form After Ankle Fracture

Ronika Eckart is a senior standout for the Osprey’s women’s track team. In February of her ’07-’08 winter season, Ronika fractured her left fibula. Due to the fracture and the rehabilitation that followed, she missed the remainder of her winter and all of her spring seasons. Ronika started rehab with us at the end of March of 2008; we worked on restoring her active range of motion and balance. Four weeks later, Ronika was able to start strengthening exercises and non-impact activities such as the bike, elliptical and swimming. By the end of May, Ronika was cleared to begin running and she started a home exercise program. When she returned for the fall semester, she was very strong and ready to tackle agilities and plyometrics. In December of 2008, Ronika returned to winter track for the first time since her injury. Since getting back on the track, Ronika has broken 3 school records for Stockton’s women’s indoor team; the 55 meter dash, the 55 meter hurdles and the 200 meter dash.


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