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Frank Returns After Tommy John Surgey

During the 2010 season, Bryan started in 6 games and pitched 38 innings, recording a 3.32 ERA. At the beginning of the 2011 season, in a game versus Arcadia, Bryan injured his left throwing elbow. He sustained an ulnar collateral ligament tear, which required reconstructive surgery. His surgeon was Dr. Brian Torpey, MD. Due to his surgery and rehabilitation protocol, Bryan missed the remainder of the 2011 regular season and all of his fall season. After being casted for 10 days, he began rehab with us on March 29th of 2011. We focused on fostering the healing process and restoring his active range of motion in this phase of his rehab.

He returned home during the summer and returned to see us in September at his 6 month post-surgery mark to continue his rehabilitation program and start a throwing program. We continuously altered his program to advance his strengthening and proprioception; we implemented core strengthening and plyometrics into his protocol to assist him in being successful with his throwing program. By December of 2011, Bryan was ready to take the mound a start a progression with pitching. On February 7th 2012, he completed his throwing program on the mound and was cleared for full participation. He is continuing a maintenance program with Athletic Training Services throughout his season to monitor his progress. Bryan made his return to the mound for his first start since his injury on February 26th against Widener in which he earned his first win of the season. He is expected to start again during the Osprey’s spring tournament in Ft. Pierce, FL.


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