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Bimbi Set to Return to Lacrosse After ACL Surgery

While playing in a summer league in July of 2005 Matt Bimbi tore the ACL of his right knee. He had surgery on 7/27/05, a patellar tendon autograft. He began his rehab at MCRC Physical Therapy in West Organge, NJ, two days after his surgery. When he returned to Stockton in September he began rehab with Stockton Athletic Training three days per week. Bimbi progressed to agility drills in his program in November. "Matt's rehab has gone very smoothly from the start, the hard part was keeping him from doing too much too soon." commented Jon Heck, Coordinator of Athletic Training.

Matt progressed to plyometrics in his rehab on 1/30/06. He was cleared by his surgeon to return to full sports on 3/1/07, just over 6 months from his surgery date. Matt is currently completing a full week of practice with the lacrosse team before he will return to game competition. We expect him to return to his role as a senior defenseman and team captain on Tuesday 3/14/06 at Catholic University.

Bimbi Reinjures Knee During Practice
After making a successful return to just one game Matt injured the same knee during practice on 3/20/06. It was a non contact injury and he was wearing his ACL brace, it occurred while he was making a cut. His preliminary diganosis was a meniscal injury and possible involvement of his ACL graft.

On 4/13/06 Matt had surgery for a partial medial menisectomy and fortunately there was no injury found to his ACL during the surgery. Matt will now begin 4-6 weeks of rehab for this surgery. "I really feel bad for Matt. He did everything we asked of him to get ready for this season." commented Jon Heck, Coordinator of Athletic Training. Bimbi became just the second athlete in 15 years at Stockton to reinjure the same knee after a surgery.


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