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McQuay Suffers Second Consecutive Season Ending Injury

During a preseason soccer practice Seth McQuay tore the ACL of his left knee. It was a non-contact injury that occurred while he was pivoting. "He's probably made a similar move a 1000 times before without injury", commented Jon Heck, MS, ATC, Coordinator of Athletic Training. He will now have to undergoe season ending surgery. Head Coach Jeff Haines remarked, "Seth was expected to contribute significantly at forward for us this year, but I'm extremely empathetic for Seth because it's a lot to go through during your first two years of college soccer."

In the preseason of 2004 McQuay ruptured a tendon in his finger that also required season ending surgery. The injury is often referred to as "Jersey Finger" and is the result of getting a finger cought in another players shirt or jersey. It is extremely rare in soccer. "Your heart has to go out to him with these back to back injuries. But we're trying to get him to focus on the short-term and getting his knee ready for surgery", commented Heck. His surgery is set for the third week of September. Seth will be doing three weeks of "prehab" with the Athletic Training Staff to return as much normal function as possible to his knee before surgery. McQuay's injury is the first ACL injury related to Stockton Athletics in over 16 months.

3/10/06- Update
Seth's rehab has gone very well. He has progressed through agility drills and is now working on plyometrics. We expect Seth to return to full, unrestricted play in June 2006.
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