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Women's Soccer Hit with Multiple Concussions
The women's soccer team has already dealt with four concussion this fall season. The concussions have held out Britnie Sarno (defense) for 16 days, Lindsey Roake (midfield) for 7 days, and Meghan Arnold (defense) for 8 days. Jamie White (forward) has missed 10 days so far and is not yet back to full participation. "While four concussions seems high for soccer, if you factor in that two occurred outside of athletics, we feel we are in a normal area for the number of concussions", commented Kristin Camm, Athletic Trainer.

Stockton Athletic Training Services uses several different tools to help manage concussions. Baseline testing is a focus of their protocol. Athletes are tested before an injury occurs and then their results are compared to post-concussion results to help determine when it's safe to return to play. Stockton uses the ImPact Concussion Software that tests neurocognitive functioning. They also use the Balance Error Scoring System (BESS) test, which measures postural stability. The Standardized Assessment of Concussion (SAC) test is an evaluation tool that is used immediately after a possible concussion.

"These tests give us objective data that prevents our athletes from minimizing or denying symptoms in order to get back on the field before it is safe. These tests supplement the traditional concussion evaluation nicely", commented Camm. Jamie White has not yet returned to baseline on her ImPact testing, while she has passed all of her other concussion tests. This is her final hurdle to returning to full participation.

The NATA Position Statement on managing concussions in athletics can be found here and their press release here.

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