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Athletes Who Have Overcome Significant Injuries With Rehab at Stockton. 

We would like to make special note that Brad's return with an ACL injury before surgery is a unique situation. He is the first athlete in my 10 years here that we have allowed to return to play after this type of injury. We want to be sure other athletes realize this is the exception rather than the norm for ACL injury management.

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JBrad Zulauf- Lacrosse
Brad is a Senior midfielder and four year member of the lacrosse team. During practice on Monday 2/26/01 Brad was making a cut when he felt a "pop" and his knee give out. It was a non-contact injury. Brad was diagnosed with a complete ACL tear of his right knee. The MRI revealed there was no other meniscal or ligament damage associated with the injury. Brad is a graduating senior and wanted to return to play before surgery. After a consultation with Dr. Steve Zabinski on 3/5/01, where all the potential risks were explained to Brad, we decided to give him that opportunity. He would have two more weeks of rehab to go through and need a custom functional knee brace. Brad came in 5 days per week during this period. His rehab focused on returning his Active Range of Motion to normal, proprioception, and quad and hamstring strengthening. His program emphasized hamstring work. Brad's knee actually looked pretty good from the start. And we didn't have much work to regain his normal ROM. He began jogging on 3/9/01. We added plyometrics to his program (with his brace) on 3/13/01. During this last week we also added on agility work. On 3/20/01 Brad passed an aggressive functional test that involved cutting, sprinting, jumping, stopping/ starting and sport specific skills and was cleared to return. Initially we had him play attack where less running is involved. Brad played in about 1/2 of his first game back. He played in the entire game against Montclair University (game 2), where he also scored a goal. Brad continued his rehab with us 3 days per week for the remainder of the season. In one four game stretch he scored 7 goals and had 6 assists. He went through the remainder of the season with no significant swelling or incident involving his knee. He played in 8 games for the lacrosse team contributing 20 points (11 goals and 9 assists). Brad made a significant contribution to his team that earned an ECAC Playoff entry. He had ACL surgery by his own orthopedist in North Jersey. He completed his rehab at a physical therapy clinic near his home town.
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