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JJames Spell- Men's Basketball
James is a Junior transfer student from Barton College in North Carolina. During practice on 10/26/00 James Spell fell on his left hand during practice. The fall resulted in a fracture of his left hand causing him to miss the start of the basketball season. James was referred to Dr. John Baker of Atlantic Shore Orthopedic Associates. This was the second time James fractured that bone, with the previous injury occurring in the spring of 1999. The current fracture was so angulated (60 degrees) that surgery and pinning were required to obtain correct alignment. The surgery was completed on Friday October 27th at the Mainland Division of the Atlantic City Medical Center. James was casted for two weeks, and we worked on finger strength of his non-immobilized fingers. After two weeks he was placed on a Galvaston splint (photo) and we began Active and Passive Range of Motion exercises for his hand, wrist and fingers. The pin was removed on 11/20. At this point James began rehab 5 days per week and did double sessions of rehab on 2 days. He also began dribbling and shooting work. His strength and range of motion returned to normal ahead of schedule. Originally we expected James to return game competition in January. But he was back practicing on 12/7 and played a key role in the teams win over New Jersey City University on 12/9. He continued his rehab 5x's per week through the end of the semester. In January his hand evaluations had returned to just about completely normal and he continued his rehab 3x's/ week. James showed excellent commitment and dedication to his rehabilitation program in order to return to the basketball court. In February James was released from rehabilitation. He went on to start every game after December at point guard. He had no further injury or problems with his hand during the season. At the seasons end Spell averaged 33 minutes, 9.2 points, 3.2 assists per game and shot 76.9 % from the free throw line.

We have had several requests on obtaining the Galvaston Splint: Galvaston Manufacturing- 1800-634-3309
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