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JJulie Goss- Softball
Julie is a Junior outfielder for the softball team. During her freshmen season she began rehab with us in the spring for general rotator cuff weakness/ tendinitis and we had good success. However, she returned after her fall season the following semester with a return of her symptoms. During the spring her injury pattern began to show signs of laxity/ instability. We had very little improvement with rehab during the 2000 season and she began to develop "dead arm" symptoms. She was removed from all throwing for the final 3 weeks of the season. At the end of the season she saw Dr. Timothy Hosea and the decision was made she would need surgery due to instability and her limited improvement with rehabilitation. On 5/25/00 she had surgery with Dr. Hosea at St. Peters Hospital in New Brunswick to repair her anterior and inferior shoulder laxity. She did rehab with a local physical therapy center in her hometown during the summer. In September she began rehab with us 3x's per week and she did not participate in her fall softball season. She progressed very well during the fall with a rapid return to full AROM and a fairly aggressive rotator cuff and scapular stabilizer program. By November she was cleared to begin throwing by her orthopedist. She began throwing 2-3 times per week at a distance of 60 feet. After winter break Julie continued her rehab here while gradually progressing her throwing program. By February she was cleared by Dr. Hosea for a full return to softball participation. We limited her to throwing at practice to 3 times per week and not throwing on any two consecutive days. The limits were in place from February through mid March. She continued on her rehabilitation program with us through the remainder of the softball season. Julie went on to play in 27 games during the season and had very few (if any) problems regarding pain or other shoulder symptoms. Her biggest problem was her throwing strength was lacking for most of the season. However, she made significant improvements in this area by the end of the season. Julie will continue rehab with us on a preventive basis during her senior year.
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