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Brian Druker- Lacrosse
Brian is a senior attack and four year member of the lacrosse team. During a game on 10/14/01 at Montclair University in the non-traditional season he injured his shoulder during a collision. He was evaluated in the athletic training room at Stockton on Monday and a posterior subluxation episode was suspected. This is a pretty rare injury in athletics. He was referred to Dr. Steve Zabinski in Somers Point, NJ on 10/16 and an MRI was ordered. His MRI revealed a posterior labral tear and accompanying capsular detachment. Brian remained in a sling until he underwent arthroscopic surgery on 11/2/01. Dr. Zabinski performed a posterior Bankart Repair and a thermal capsulorraphy. He was placed in an abduction brace and began a simple home exercise plan. He began his rehab program with Stockton Athletic Training Services on 11/27. Brian came in 4 days per week during this time. His program initially focused on returning his range of motion to normal. His internal rotation work was limited to protect the surgical repair. His strengthening work avoided flexion initially and other activities that stress the posterior of the shoulder. His ROM goals were reached within 2 weeks and he progressed very quickly. During the winter break he began an advanced home program, excluding the bench press and push ups. When Brian returned to school he again began formal rehab 3x's per week at Stockton. At the end of January he was cleared to return to lacrosse practice but was restricted to non-contact activities. After two weeks he was cleared to return to full participation. He continued preventive rehab 2 days per week for the remainder of the semester. Brian played in every game for the lacrosse team and experienced no significant symptoms relating to his shoulder injury. He ended the season fourth on the team in scoring with 32 points (19 goals, 13 assists). Brian made a significant contribution to his team which went 12-2 and won their first ever ECAC Tournament Championship.
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