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Cara Monkowski- Track
Cara is sophomore member of the track team. In the spring of 2001 she began having pain in her left foot during long runs. She began rehab with Stockton Athletic Training Services, but the pain did not improve and actually worsened by the end of the spring track season. After the season ended she was referred to Dr. Steve Zabinski, MD and she was held out of running for the summer to rest her foot from a suspected overuse injury. She returned for cross country camp in August and the pain returned when she began running. This time she had pain in both feet. Cara again began rehab. After an inconclusive MRI, she was referred to a foot and ankle specialist. In the beginning of November she saw Dr. Richard Braver, DPM. She underwent two unsuccessful cortisone injections and then had a diagnostic ultrasound. The ultrasound revealed she had neuromas in both feet between the 3rd and 4th metatarsals. It was decided she would need surgery to remove the neuromas. She was permitted to finish the cross country season and run during the indoor track season while continuing rehab. The first surgery took place on her left foot on 12/26/01. During the surgery a neuroma was also discovered between the 4th and 5th metatarsals. On 1/10/02 the second surgery was performed on the right foot, where the same problems were found. She was partial weight bearing after the surgery and walking full weight bearing about 1 week post surgery. Upon her return from the winter break she began her post surgery rehab at Stockton. The casts were taken off her left foot on 1/14 and her right foot on 1/25. Cara began non- weight bearing aerobic activity in the beginning of February. She started a progressive walking program in mid- February. Cara again began running on March 4th and returned to practice on March 18th. She was cleared to run in the team's first outdoor meet on 3/23. She completed the season without incident and continued her rehab program 3 days per week until the season ended. Cara did an outstanding job sticking with her rehab throughout this long process and followed her protocol explicitly to return to her sport as quickly as possible.
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