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Megan Norcia- Women's Soccer
Megan is sophomore midfielder on the women's soccer team. During her freshman year in a home game against North Carolina Wesleyan on 10/16/01 she collided with the goalkeeper and experienced a subluxation of her left patella. She was reffered to Dr. Steve Zabinski, MD from Shore University Orthopedic Associates and her knee was aspirated. She was then referred for an MRI, which revealed a probable subluxation episode, bone bruising, and a small bone fragment from her patella. Due to the small size of the fragment surgical intervention did not seem warranted. However, during her rehab in the following weeks she experienced a locking episode due to this fragment. This resulted in an arthroscopic surgery to remove this fragment and to perform a Lateral Release on her patella on 11/7/01 at Shore Memorial Hosptial in Somers Point, NJ. The injury caused Megan to miss the remaining 7 games of the 2001 season, although she still managed to lead the team in assists. Megan then began rehab with Stockton Athletic Training Services on 11/14. She had a significant amount of quad dysfunction after her surgery and Megan did not initially comply very well with her rehab program. For these reasons she was behind in her recovery in December. Initially in her rehab we attempted to work on her quad muscle control and we began working on her knee flexion on 11/19. During the winter break she did her rehab at home at a HealthSouth Rehab Center. She returned to rehab 3x's per week after the break on 1/22/02 at Stockton. Because of her early setbacks, her Range of Motion (ROM) did not return to normal until mid February and her terminal extension (quad strength) did not return until early March. She was cleared to begin running on 3/20/02. Megan then progressed to agility drills by early April. Initially this included the slide board and stationary hopping. She advanced to running and cutting drills by mid April. Megan made her rehab quite a bit more challenging by her early non-compliance. By mid-March she had dedicated herself to completing her rehab and made a quick and timely recovery from that point. She was cleared to return to soccer activities in May by Dr. Zabinski. She returned for the full pre-season in August of 2002. Megan continued preventive rehab with us 2 days per week, and she played in all 23 games for the soccer team. She went on to score 4 goals and 6 assists (14 points) and helped advance the team to the ECAC Playoffs. Megan was also named NJAC All-Conference Second Team in '02.
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