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Nick Scafidi- Men's Soccer
Nick is a sophomore midfielder on the men's soccer team. He injured his knee during pre-season on August 20th. He did not report the injury initially and continued to practice. His knee gradually worsened and he presented to the Stockton Athletic Training staff on 8/24. A lateral meniscal tear was suspected and he was referred to Dr. Glenn Zuck, DO from Pace Orthopedics on 8/28 and the diagnosis was confirmed with an MRI. He had an arthroscopic partial menisectomy performed at Shore Memorial Hospital in Somers Point, NJ on 9/6/02. Nick began rehab with us 5 days/ week on 9/9/02. He was walking without crutches in his knee brace at this time. Initially his rehab focused on quad strengthening, and improving his Range of Motion (ROM) and balance work. He had progressed to stationary biking the next day. On 9/12 his knee brace was discontinued and his rehab progressed to the leg press, knee extensions, hamstring curls and hip strengthening in the weight room. His ROM had returned to normal by this time. He also began working on the stairmaster in addition to the bike for 20-30 minutes per day. He was cleared to begin jogging by Dr. Zuck on 9/19. However, in his first attempt at a 5 minute jog he developed lateral knee pain at the 3 minute mark. His running was then discontinued, but he was able to perform stationary hopping with no symptoms. We again allowed him to attempting jogging on 9/23, which he completed with no problems and we began agility and functional work in rehab. He completed a 1 mile jog on grass the next day . He passed a functional running/ cutting test on 9/25, and began a gradual return to full participation with the team. Nick returned to full practice with the team on 9/27, just three weeks after his surgery date. He played in the game the next day against Kean University. From this point Nick continued rehab 3 days/ week for the remainder of the season. He did not experience any significant inflammation or knee pain for the remainder of the season. He went on to play in 11 games for the men's soccer team and contributed to their second consecutive NJAC Conference Championship.
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