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Dana Ash- Women's Soccer
Dana is a junior midfielder on the women's soccer team. During her sophomore year, she injured her right knee when she collided with another player during a conference playoff game at TCNJ on November 5, 2002. The following evening Dana was referred for orthopedic evaluation locally and later saw Dr. Lewis Maharam, MD at Columbia-Presbyterian Hospital in New York for an MRI on 11/8/03. She was diagnosed with an ACL tear as well as contusions of the femoral condyles and tibial plateau. Although this was a season ending injury, Dana went on to be named 1st Team All-Conference for the '02 season. Prior to her surgery date, Dana continued with her rehab, focusing on decreasing inflammation, pain control, increasing range of motion as well quad strength. Her surgery was scheduled at NYU Hospital for Joint Disease on November 27, 2002. They used part of Dana's hamstring as her new ACL. Going into her surgery, Dana had regained almost complete range of motion and had begun riding the stationary bike, squats, and proprioception work. One week post surgery, Dana was back in the Stockton Athletic Training room to begin rehab. She was in five times a week up until winter break. At this time Dana returned home and resumed physical therapy at a HealthSouth in Ringwood, NJ. On January 8, 2003 Dana was cleared to begin jogging. At 10 weeks post surgery Dana was progressing very well with rehab and was ahead of schedule. Her doctor cleared her to begin working on kicking and dribbling drills with a soccer ball. Functionally, she was now jogging on the treadmill and her rehab included the slideboard and stationary pattern hopping. At just about 3 months post surgery Dr. Maharam cleared Dana to return to all sport activities, however, we decided to take a more conservative approach. As a precaution, Dana did not participate in the spring soccer season, but we put her on a more aggressive functional rehab program. At the beginning of April, Dana entered her final phase of rehab. Dana's ACL rehab probably progessed faster than any other athlete with this injury at Stockton. Her formal rehab concluded the second week of May at Stockton. She continued on a home program over the summer months. In early June, Dana returned to competitive soccer, playing in a summer league. In the 2003 fall season Dana continued rehab on a preventive basis 2 days per week. She went on to play in all 21 games and start 20. She finished fifth on the team in scoring with 11 points (3 goals, and 5 assists). Dana did not miss any practices from symptoms related to her knee surgery for the entire season.
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