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Mary Ann Busan - Softball
Mary Ann is a Senior second baseman on the softball team. She has been battling a right shoulder problem since she came to Stockton as a freshman in 2001. After suffering a subsequent injury to that shoulder in May of 2003, she began to have problems with throwing. She underwent surgery to fix a Labral tear and repair the multidirectional instability on May 14, 2004. Dr. Stephen Zabinski performed the surgery at Shore Memorial Hospital.

Mary Ann has done rehab on her right shoulder since the fall of 2001. During the season, she came in on a preventive and strengthening basis two times per week. She continued this type of rehabilitation through her sophomore year. At the end of this season she suffered an injury to her right shoulder while fielding ground balls.

When she returned to Stockton to begin to play fall ball, she was having pain with throwing. She was referred to see Dr. Zabinski at this time. She was diagnosed with Instability Syndrome with rotator cuff tendonitis. She had a MRI to rule out a labral tear, which came up negative at the time. She decided to continue to play through the season focusing on rehabilitation and strengthening. At this time Maryanne was coming in for rehab three days per week focusing on rotator cuff and scapular muscular strengthening. She began a slow return to throwing following a throwing protocol.

In April of 2004 Mary Ann then injured her left shoulder while diving for a ground ball during a game. She heard and felt a "pop" when this happened and in turn suffered a subluxation of her left shoulder. She again saw Dr. Zabinski and began rehab on her left shoulder while continuing rehab on her right.

The surgery on her right shoulder was completed in May, 2004. After her surgery Mary Ann began physical therapy at NovaCare at home on June 21, 2004, 3 times per week until August 5, 2004. At 14 weeks post-op, when she returned to school, she continued her rehab at Stockton 4 times per week which focused on strengthening and shoulder plyometrics. She was limited in both internal and external shoulder rotation as well as shoulder flexion. She began a throwing program three times per week. She was cleared to bat on October 14, 2004 and she continued with her rehab and throwing program. She was cleared by Dr. Zabinski on January 27, 2005. She continued to progress throwing every other day 45 times at a maximum of 60 feet. She was able to throw four times per week beginning on February 23, 2005 and when the Spring Break trip came in March, she was able to throw without restrictions.

Mary Ann continued to complete her rehab during the spring of this year. She worked on keeping both shoulders strong. She came in three days per week and only suffered a minor setback presenting with impingement like symptoms mid-way through the season. Being diligent with her rehab helped rectify this problem. She played the rest of the season with no problems.

This year Mary Ann moved to play at second base after previously playing third base to shorten her throw and protect her shoulder. Here she posted excellent stats with a .923 fielding percentage. At the plate she finished fourth on the team as she batted .319 with 91 at-bats, 29 hits, 9 runs, and 8 RBI. She started all 38 games this season at second base.
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