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Ken Masuhr- Men's Soccer
Kenny is a senior defensive center midfielder on the Men's Soccer team. He transferred to Stockton for the 2002 season as a junior. He has overcome two very serious ankle injuries and played the best games of his soccer career during the NCAA tournament this year.

On October 3, 2000, Kenny had surgery on his right ankle/lower leg. He fractured his fibula, before he his time at Stockton. He had metal plates and screws placed in his lower leg and ankle by Dr. Tauro in Toms River, NJ. He completed extensive rehabilitation at home and was cleared to play soccer on February 5, 2001. During his 2002 season, his first at Stockton, he completed rehab throughout the season 2-3 times per week. He suffered a right ankle and foot sprain on September 21, 2002, but returned quickly with the help of his rehab. He played with residual problems with his right ankle throughout the entire season and saw Dr. Glenn Zuck. He was diagnosed with recurrent lateral ankle sprains and infrequent lateral subluxation of the peroneal tendons. He had a successful year earning First-Team All NJAC accolades.

Kenny began what was to be his senior season with preseason camp in mid August of 2003. On August 20th he was running and cutting while his toe became stuck in the ground and he rolled his left ankle. He fractured his left lower leg and had surgery to reduce the fracture and place metal plates and screws in his ankle to hold it together on August 25, 2003. Dr. Tauro completed this surgery as well. He missed the entire 2003 season due to this injury.

He began rehab 3-4 days per week in September 2003. We began with trying to increase his range of motion and reduce his swelling. He progressed to strengthening using the Thera-tubing and proprioreception work. He worked on functional and aerobic training toward the end of the fall 2003 semester. He then completed an extensive plyomentric program during the spring semester. He was cleared to play soccer on March 15, 2004.

Kenny returned for preseason camp in August 2004 and began preventative ankle rehab 2 times per week. He played throughout the season with no complications from either of his ankle surgeries. He suffered a minor hip flexor strain in October, but this did not require him to miss any playing time. Kenny played in all 25 games this season as a defensive center midfielder. He scored 1 goal, had 2 assists with 7 shots on goal. The team advanced to the Elite 8 of the NCAA tourney.
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