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Seth McQuay- Men's Soccer
Seth McQuay is junior forward on the men's soccer team. In August of 2005 he tore the ACL of his left knee while pivoting in practice. The injury required surgery for his ACL that caused him to miss the entire 2005 season. The unique thing about Seth's situation is that he also suffered a season ending injury in 2004 at Stockton. He ruptured a tendon in his finger that also required season ending surgery. The inury is often referred to as "Jersey Finger" and is pretty rare as far a soccer injuries go.

Seth did prehab for three weeks before his ACL surgery. And then began rehab 5 days per week the week after his surgery in September of 2005. He used his own patellar tendon as his graft choice, and the surgery was performed by Dr. Steve Zabinski. By mid November he was cleared to begin plyometrics and in December he was cleared to begin a running protocol. In January of 2006 he began advanced plyometrics and agility drills. Seth did a great job with his rehab and remained focus on getting back on the field. He was cleared for a full return to sports in June of 2006.

During the fall 2006 season he completed preventive rehab 3 days per week. He went on to play in 12 games, scored 2 goals and 1 assist. "When you conisder Seth was basically out of competitive soccer for 24 consecutive months, it was a very successful season for him." commented Jon Heck Coordinator of Athletic Training. But we're looking for him to make a much bigger impact for the 2007 season.
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