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Melissa Baumgartner- Softball
Melissa Baumgartner is a junior third baseman for the Osprey’s softball team. Melissa has been suffering from a SLAP tear in her right shoulder. A SLAP tear can cause pain and weakness in the shoulder, especially with overhead motions such as throwing. Melissa and her orthopedic doctor decided that a conservative treatment of rehabilitation and modifying activity during her season would be the best course of action for her injury. She has been completed her rehab in the Athletic Training Room since the beginning of September.

Initially her rehab focused on strengthening her rotator cuff muscles and stretching her posterior shoulder capsule. We limited the amount of throwing Melissa was doing at practice by putting her on a throwing program, which helped decrease her pain and symptoms. Melissa's rehab also included proprioception exercises to help work the stabilizer muscles of her shoulder. We advanced her to sport specific exercises, such as plyometric ball throws and PNF patterns at the end of November.

When Melissa started her preseason training in February, she was having minimal pain with throwing. As she progressed through her training, she started to develop bicep tendonitis. We began altering her rehabilitation and treatments to account for this overuse injury, and we modified her throwing program. By the time the Stockton softball team was ready for their annual preseason training camp to Florida, Melissa was playing full.

Unfortunatley while in Florida Melissa strained her hamstring muscle. She missed the remaining games in Florida and saw us when she returned on March 24th. She began rehab and we modified her activity at practice to remove painful motions such as squatting and running. As Melissa increased her strength and we started working on proprioception exercises and then we started challenging her with agility drills.

By March 28th, Melissa was functionally tested and cleared to participate full in games and practices. She competed in the rest of her season, and went on to start in 26 games. She closed her season with a .296 slugging percentage and a .947 fielding percentage and 10 RBI’s. In the final game of the ECAC Championship, Melissa hit a walk-off triple to lead the Ospreys to an 8-0 win over Farmingdale State.
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