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Anthony Bonjavanni- Men's Lacrosse
Anthony Bonjavanni is a junior midfielder for the Osprey’s lacrosse team. He injured his shoulder in the spring/summer of '07 and was diagnosed with a rotator cuff strain. A rotator cuff strain can cause pain and weakness in the shoulder, especially with overhead motions such as passing or shooting. A conservative treatment was used consisting of rehabilitation and modifying his activity during the fall season. Anthony started rehabilitation with us in September '07, and completed it in the Athletic Training Room in May '08.

To start of our rehabilitation program, we had Anthony begin strengthening his scapular stabilizers. By strengthening his scapular muscles, we were able to build more strength and stability in his shoulder to help alleviate the stress on the rotator cuff. We limited the amount of activity Anthony was doing during the fall season; we modified his weight training program to eliminate painful motions such as abduction and external rotation. We also limited the amount of throwing and passing he was doing at practice to allow time for his rotator cuff to heal. We then began to work on overall shoulder strengthening, targeting the supraspinatus – one of the rotator cuff muscles that is most frequently strained. We advanced Anthony to sport specific exercises at the end of the fall semester and recommended that he continue therapy during the winter break so that he could return in the spring strong and ready to compete.

Anthony started his spring training at the end of January, and was having no pain with throwing and passing. We continuously were altering his rehabilitation to make it more challenging and sport specific for him. We were seeing a lot of positive results as he continued through his rehab and training. By the first week of March, the team was beginning their season and Anthony was participating fully. On March 1st 2008 while in Delaware, Anthony scored his first goal of the season against Wesley. He finished the season playing in all 15 games, scoring 6 goals and having 3 assists.
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