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Katy Player- Women's Volleyball
As a freshman and sophomore, Katy had chronic shoulder pain associated with VB.  During that time she rehabilitated her shoulder on regular basis in the athletic training room, and was under the care of Dr. Glenn Zuck, DO, from Pace Orthopedics in Somers Point, NJ.   In February of 1998, Katy began to complain of her shoulder "slipping out" while she was sleeping.  At this time she was referred back to Dr. Zuck and the decision was made that the instability associated with her shoulder would require surgery.  On March 27th Dr. Zuck performed an open capsular shift on her right shoulder at Shore Memorial Hospital in Somers Point, NJ.  She did her early post-surgical rehab 5 days/ week at Stockton for the 6 weeks that remained in the semester.  She returned home for the summer to Canada where she was under the care of Dr. McCormick from the University of British Columbia Sports Medicine.  She did her rehab 3 days per week at Lynn Valley Physiotherapy & Sportsmedicine Center.  She was not permitted to play VB during the summer.  She returned to Stockton on August 20th, about 5 months post surgery for the pre-season VB camp.  Katy was not allowed to do any over head motions during the first week of pre-season.  She began spiking during the second part of the pre-season in only one practice out of their 3 a day.  She started the first game of the season but was not allowed to serve.  Her rehab continued at Stockton 5 days/ week.  She began serving during the second week of the season.  Katy went on to play in every game of the 1998 season, with occasional days off from hitting and serving.  The team ended the season with a 22-14 record and an ECAC bid.  Katy was named First Team All-Conference for the 1998 season.  At the conclusion of the season she continued her rehab at 3 days/ week through the Spring Semester.  She was not permitted to play VB in the off season.  During the summer she continued her rehab on her own and worked with her therapist in Canada 1 day a week.  In 1999 she returned to full competition with no restrictions.  She continued her rehab at Stockton 2 days/ week.  The VB team went on to a 27-11 record, won the NJAC Conference Championship and gained a bid to the NCAA Playoffs.  Katy was named the 1999 Conference Co-Player of the Year.
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