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 Belinda Answers 19 ACL Related Questions
Belinda Brooks- Women's Basketball
As a freshman, Belinda was a guard for the women's basketball team.  She injured her knee in just the third game of the season at an away game at Rutgers-Camden in November of 1998.  She was driving toward the basket and pulled up suddenly to make a pass and felt her knee twist in two "different" directions.  Upon returning to the athletic training room at Stockton she was evaluated and an ACL tear/ meniscal tear was suspected.  She was referred to Dr. Steve Zabinski, MD of Shore University Orthopedic Associates in Somers Point, NJ and the diagnosis was made.  Dr. Zabinski performed and ACL reconstruction on her knee at Shore Memorial Hospital within two weeks of her injury in early December.  Belinda began her early phase rehab at Stockton until the semester ended.  During Winter Break she did rehab at NovaCare in Glassboro, NJ.  Upon her return to Stockton she began an intense rehabilitation program 5 days/ week from January through May.  She began her rehab a bit timid but rapidly gained confidence and took a aggressive attitude toward her reconditioning.  She's most noted for not complaining .... at all.  Upon going home for the summer she was ready to weight train on her own and continued her sprinting and plyometric program.  When she returned to Stockton in September of 1999 she began her first participation in live "pick-up" basketball games.  She also started rehabilitation 3 times/ week.  She was ready to participate when the season began, and only had some minor problems in the early season.  Belinda continued her rehab during the season and did not miss a single practice due to her knee injury.  Her high mark of the season was an 8 point performance against The College of NJ.  Belinda contributed off the bench to the team that won it's first NJAC Conference Championship and gained entrance into the NCAA Tournament.
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