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Kathy Conway- Women's Cross Country
As a freshman, Kathy began running for the cross country team in 1998.  In early October she began to experience some hip pain from running.  She began rehab for a gluteal strain and continued to participate, but her symptoms had increased by the end of the month.  She was referred to Dr. Steve Zabinski from Shore University Orthopedic Associates in Somers Point, for evaluation.  The initial diagnosis was piriformis syndrome/ trochanteric bursitis.  She received a cortisone injection and we adapted her rehabilitation program at Stockton.  Again she had very little improvement and returned to Dr. Zabinski for follow-up 2 more times in November.  Because of her varying symptoms and limited improvement she was referred for an MRI in December, and went home for the break.  In January her MRI revealed she had a lumbar disc protrusion.  At this time we concluded she would not compete in the Indoor Track season and she was removed from any training for 3 weeks.  Soon after this she also began physical therapy at the Betty Bachrach Rehabilitation Center for a varied approach to her problems.  By March she still was unable to return to running regularly, and she was advised she would miss the outdoor track season as well.  We then opted to remove her from all rehab and running activities for a two week period.  She returned to rehab at Stockton and was able to run a few days a week by the end of the semester, if mixed in with days off.  For the summer she was to train with non-aggravating activities and begin running again in August.  Upon her return for training camp in August, for the 1999 season, she began doing 1 training session of the teams 4 daily.  This progressed to 2 with biking being one of them.  In September she began running all the training sessions along with rehabilitation.  She ran in the teams first meet with a lot of pain afterwards.  After her third meet we eliminated rehabilitation and she began a program of stretching and icing only.  Finally, her symptoms began to fully fade and she returned to full participation without problems.  Her injury and delayed recovery was an extremely frustrating experience.  To her credit, her full return for the cross country season surprised even us.
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