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Christine Balzer Cindy Beltran Gloribel Bonilla Nick Carabetta Jason Fahs Aimee Fraley
Jamie Grissom Frank Gross Christie Heitzmann Debbie Kearns Karen Krumbine Kerry Lorick
Alisia Morrison Bill Pesda Kristin Shaffer Mary Lyn Sillup Laurel Stankiewicz Derek Tuohy
Doug Wallace Jen Walley Jeannine Wamsher Marcie Williams    

Kaley Abato Russ Bear Christina Boothroyd Gina Brigandi Eric Dodson Rebecca Califano
Rich Federico Chris Gallagher Aaron Gewant Danielle Griffith Mike Kaplan Jeff Moore
Sandra Nunes Mike Payne Rob Rosa Jeana Sparano Christine Wain Craig Polite

Belinda Brooks Margaret Burns Robyn Chadwick Christina Flores Chris Fox Anne King
Andrea Lilley Kevin Makely Sean McQueeney Lindsey Morales Bob Neitzel Megan Norcia
Kevin Plews Heather Roseti Katie Rudolph Demarkus Taylor Jessica Walters

2008- Present
AJ Colubiale Tara Barker Emily Peregrin Shana Sedaka Lyn Speiser  

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Staff Winners

Jon Heck- '07
Tracy Pienkos- '06
Dave Heyel- '05
Tracy Pienkos- '04
Anne King- '03
Katie Rudolph- '02
Jeff Moore- '01
Craig Polite- '00
Christine Wain- '99
Eric Dodson- '98
Christina Flores- '97
Jon Heck- '96
Rob Rosa- '95
Jason Fahs- '94
Mary Lynn Sillup- '93

Christina Butterfield- '08
Jehron Holland- '07
Jon Heck- '06
Tracy Pienkos-'05
Tara Barker- '04
Margaret Burns- '03
Craig Polite- '02
Denise Luciano- '01
Aaron Gewant- '00
Kaley Abato- '99
Jon Heck- '98

Tracy Pienkos- '08
AJ Colubiale- '07
Jon Heck- '06
Katie Rudolph- '05
Shana Sedaka- '04
Jon Heck- '03
Bob Neitzel- '02
Eric Dodson- '01
Eric Dodson- '00
Rob Rosa- '99
Rob Rosa- '98

Noelle Caucci- '07
Emily Peregrin- '06
Dave Heyel- '05
Kristin Camm- '04
Bob Neitzel/Tara Barker- '03
Kevin Plews- '02
Christina Flores- '01
Christina Flores- '00
Gina Brigandi- '99

Season Football
Jeremy Kastner/ Chris Klenk- '07
Tracy Pienkos- '06
Jon Heck- '05
Kevin Makely- '04
Denise Luciano- '03
Denise Luciano- '02
Kevin Plews- '01
Eric Dodson/ Jon Heck- '00
Jon Heck- 99

Dr. Russ Bear, DO - Updated 8/05

On Staff: 1996-1998
AKA: The Bear
Biology Stockton, 1998
Degree: DO from Med School at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine in 2002.
Now: Orthopedic Surgery Resident at William Beaumont Army Medical Center/ Texas Tech University of the Health Sciences Center
Personal: Married Emily Farrell in 1998 and has two children Cameron (1/31/02) and Sydney (12/4/03).
Other: Went to med school on a Military Scholarship. He completes his residency in June of 2007. He is a captain in the army medical corp and is hoping to stay out of Iraq.

Christina Boothroyd, MPT- Updated 7/05

On Staff: 1997- 2002
Degree: Biology- Stockton, 2000
Degree: Masters Physical Therapy- Stockton '02,
Now: PT at Southern Ocean County Hosptial, (Transitional Care Unit), Manahawkin, NJ
Personal: Married in November 2005 to Dan Gilson, he is also a graduate of the Stockton PT program.
Other: Past president of the Intramural & Recreational Council at Stockton. Organized and always able to get everything accomplished. She is on the left in this 2002 photo.
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Margaret Burns, MPT, ATC - Updated 6/08

On Staff: 1996-2003
AKA: Mush, Bums, Mags, Buuuuurrrrnssssss
Biology Stockton, 2001
Degree: Masters Physical Therapy- Stockton- 2003.
Now: Outpatient PT, Home Care & Morristown Memorial Hospital (Geeez).
Personal: Married Chris Nowack in August of 2006. They have cat named Smokey and a dog named Madison.
Other: How can you sum up Mush in a few sentences? It can't be done I tell you, it can't be done. But she was called Mush for a reason. (She's on the left in the photo).

Christina Balzer, PT- Updated 12/06

On Staff: 1991-1996- Original "new regime" staff member
Degree: Physical Therapy- Stockton '96
Now: Spectrum Rehabilitation- Home Care
Personal: On 9/30/06 she married Jim Walls, they bought a house in the Cape May area and Christina is expecting their first child in July 2007.
Other: Part of the "1st year" staff at Stockton. Quiet when she started but ended up as quite the whimsical personality. Chris is on the right in this early 1990's photo.
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Cindy Beltran, PT- Updated 5/99

On Staff: 1992-1995
Degree: Physical Therapy- Stockton '97
Now: Physical Therapist at Cape Atlantic Physical Therapy in Linwood, NJ
Sports: Women's Soccer- 1992-'94 ... in action
Personal: Married Brian Bell in October of 1997. Now enjoys kayaking, tennis and golf.
Other: One of our most competitive personalities ever along with the worst female handwriting ever.

Gloribel Bonilla, Updated 7/05

On Staff: 1993-1995
Degree: BS Public Health- Stockton '97
Now: Supervisor Family Services Specialist, DYFS
Personal: She is now a Santiago, she married Frank Santiago, also a Stockton Graduate. They had a daughter born in December of 2004.
Other: There were too many syllables in her first name, so she will always be known as 'GB' in these parts.
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Gina Brigandi, MPT- Updated 5/05

On Staff: 1998-2001
Degree: Biology- Stockton '99
Degree: Master Physicl Therapy- Stockton '01.
Now: Physical Therapist at SportCare Institute, Inc in Toms River, NJ.
Personal: She is engaged to be married and had baby boy in Nov '04, Daniel.
Other: Can a person be defined by her hair? She was a great staff member..
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Rebecca Califano, MPT - Updated 7/02

On Staff: 1995-1997
Degree: Biology- Stockton '98
Degree: Master Physical Therapy- Stockton '00
Now: Pharmaceutical Sales Rep for Forest Pharmeceuticals in NY, NY. Part-time PT for Healthsouth in Wall, NJ.
Other: Likes taking long walks in Longbranch, late at night. On the left in the photo.

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Nick Carabetta- Updated 12/06

On Staff: 1991-1993- Original "new regime" staff member
Degree: Environmental Health- Stockton '93
Degree: Chubb Computer Insitute '00
Now: Project Manager at Toll Brothers in Plainsboro, NJ
Personal: His wife's name is Kerri and they were married in 6/00. They have a daughter, Ava, and Twins Nick & Joe.
Sports: Lax
Other: Known for a great sense of humor ... Nick was the first (and only) "Head Student Athletic Trainer". Nick is on the right in this 1992 photo.
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Robyn Chadwick - Updated 10/07

On Staff: 2002-2006
Degree: BA Literature- Stockton '06
Now: Account Coordinator at Patient Marketing Group in Princeton, NJ
Other: Spent her final year at Stockton also working as the Sports Editor for the Argo. A team player if we ever had one. Robyn is on the left in this 2005 photo.

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Jason Fahs, MS, PT, ATC, CSCS, OCS -Updated 9/06. 

On Staff: 1992-1995. 
Degree: Biology- Stockton '95
Degree: Master's Physical Therapy- College of Staten Island '99
Now: He opened his own clinic in 2003, All-Care Physical Therapy & Sports Training in Union, NJ. 
Sports: He was also a member of the men's soccer team, where we named him the teams only big game goal scorer (sorry Schneiders).  He had an outstanding soccer career at RSC ... In action.
Other: Fahs is one of those guys who always stays on your good side.
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Rich Federico , MPT -Updated 12/06. 

On Staff: 1992-1995
Degree: Biology- Stockton '95
Degree: Master's Physical Therapy- Stockton '99
Now: The Man at DB Interiors LLC
Personal: Married Dayle Jackson also a Stockton PT Grad. They have two girls ages 3 & 6, a dog, a cat, and a fish.
Sports: Turtle Heads, intramural street hockey
He worked as a PT for a couple years but then left the profession to run his own construction business. After all my experiences with Rich I would expect nothing less ... he just wanted to get in the PT program to prove he could. I hope my recommendations helped in that Theorem. A character for the ages.
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Christina Flores , MPT, ATC, -Updated 12/06. 

On Staff: 1997-2003
AKA: Floor-eeeez 
Degree: Biology- Stockton '01
Degree: Master's Physical Therapy- Stockton '03
Now: Physical Therapist, for Kessler in West Paterson, NJ
Sports: Soccer, 1996-99 ... in action
Other: She was a star in our annual tournaments, until she became bored with winning, she was too cool to play with us anymore. But she was always an excellent employee. She is on the right in this 2001 photo.
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Aimee Fraley- Updated 12/09

On Staff: 1994-1995
Now: She opened a coffee shop/post office store called Picasos Coffee Bar.
Personal: She was recently married to Chris Parani and they had a baby boy, Gregory, in 9/09.
Other: She moved to St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands, also the location of her store. She was always entertaining to have around and almost always wore a big smile. 
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Chris Gallagher- Updated 9/07. 

On Staff: 1997-2000. 
Degree: Management- Stockton '99
Now: He is now a Patrolman for the Wall Township Police Dept (I feel safer already).
Personal: He recenlty purchased a home in Freehold, NJ and still pals around with Rosa.
Sports: Baseball 1995-99
Famous for complaining just about all the time ... "I'm NOT complaining, I'm just saying" He was recently engaged and will be getting married in August of 2008.  

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Danielle Griffith, ATC-Updated 3/02. 

On Staff: 1997-98. 
Degree: Physical Education/ Athletic Training, William Paterson Univ- '01
Sports: Softball 1995-98
We never liked her softball nickname and still refuse to acknowlegde it.  She also played SB for William Paterson in 1999 and advanced pretty far into the NCAA's.  Bottom left hand corner of the photo.
Not Current
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Jamie Grissom.  Updated ?

On Staff: 1992-1995
Degree: Accounting, Stockton '95
Now: Who knows?
Sports: Soccer 1991-93
He was the genesis of the now common descriptive work ethic as "a load".  Great at aggravating many of his coworkers. 
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Christie Heitzmann, MPT-updated 12/06. 

On Staff: 1992-1995
Degree: Biology, Stockton- '95
Degree: Health Science & Master's Physical Therapy, University of Michigan- '97
Now: Physical Therapist for Ivy Rehab in Forked River, NJ.
Personal: She is now married to Bill McGovern and they have a baby boy, Kieran, and in 10/06 had a baby girl, Natalie.
Other: Perpetually in a good mood and smiling, everybody considers Christie an all-time favorite staff member.   That would be Christie in the lower left hand corner of the photo.     
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Mike Kaplan- Updated 1/03.

On Staff: 1997-2000
Degree: Biology, Stockton '00
Now: He is now a Drug Compounder for Wedgewood Pharmacy in Sewell, NJ.
Personal: He is married to Christina and they have a baby girl in 2002. They live in Swedesboro, NJ.
Other: I don't think I heard Mike say one bad work about anybody- Obviously, the remainder of our staff never rubbed off on him.
Email Address: None.
Mailing Address:
47 Shady Brooke Lane, Swedesboro, NJ 08085.
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- -
Debbie Kearns, RN, ATC- Updated 10/06. 

On Staff: 1994-1997
Degree: Physical Education/Athletic Training, Kean University- '00
Degree: Nursing, Farmingdale Univ, 2005
Nurse, New York Presbyterian Hospital Cornell Weill
Sports: Volleyball 1993-96 and a key to the 1st ever NJAC Conference/ ECAC Championship team. In action.
Most famous for her Yonkers, New York accent ... "whatevuh, Jawn."  Recently moved to Manhatten NY ... doesn't a tree grow there? 

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Anne King, MPT -Updated 12/06. 

On Staff: 2002-2005
Degree: Biology- Iona College '01
Degree: Master's Physical Therapy- Stockton '05
Now: Physical Therapist, Oakmont Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy
Personal: Anne married Brian Corbett on 6/2/06, and they moved out to Pittsburgh so he could get his masters and work with the University of Pittsburgh's football team... she invites "come on out and visit us!"
Other: You don't find many nicer and as genuine as Anne. She is on the left in this photo.
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Karen Krumbine, MS, PT- Updated 12/06.

On Staff: 1994-1996
Degree: Biology, Stockton '96
Degree: Master's Physical Therapy, UMDNJ '99
Now: Per Diem Physical Therapist at Saint Clares Hospital.
Personal: She is married and now is known as Karen Como. And they now have two kids, Riley almost 3 and Griffin 17 months.
Sport: Soccer 1992-95 & cross country
She was affectionately known as Krumbeen (or was it nurse Ratchet?) around here and she was a whole lot of good fun (when not arguing with Grissom). Karen is now playing in an over 30 league. Impressive. She is in the upper right hand corner of the photo.
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Andrea Lilley - Updated 12/06. 

On Staff: 2002- 2004
Degree: Literature, Stockton '06
Now: English Teacher Paulsboro High School, in ... Paulsboro, NJ (go figure).
Personal: She is engaged to be married in July of 2007.
Sport: Tennis
She successfully returned to tennis after lumbar spine surgery, very impressive. Often trying to do too many things at once and always willing to take on more obligations. Andrea is on the right in this 2003 photo.

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Kerry Lorick- Updated 6/01. 

On Staff: 1991- 1995- Original "new regime" staff member
Degree: Biology, Stockton '95
Now: Manager/Director/Personal Trainer (wears many hats) at Body Architects, Inc. in Margate, NJ.  
Personal: He married Naji in May of 1995 and he is now an official "Family Man". He has two daughters Katalyna and Nadya. On Holloween 2000 they welcomed their first son into the family, Stefen. Kerry claims "the family is now complete."
Other: Never known for his promptness while here, he was one of the nicest guys to work for us and one of everyone's favorites.

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Kevin Makely, MPT - Updated 12/06

On Staff: 2003-2006
Degree: Biology Stockton, 2004
Degree: Masters Physcial Therapy- Stockton 2006
Now: Physical Therapist, Broadway Physical Therapy
Sport: Baseball 2000-03 ... In Action
Kevin is now working for the physical therapist for the NJ Devils, in Bayonne NJ. He was as solid, methodical, and dependable as the day is long. He is on the right in this 2004 photo.
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Sean McQueeney, MPT, ATC, CSCS - Updated 4/05

On Staff: 2000-2004
Degree: Biology Stockton, 2002
Degree: Masters Physcial Therapy- Stockton 2004
Now: Minor League Physical Therapist with the Seattle Mariners in Arizona.
Sport: Baseball 2000
Sean used his hours to take and pass his Certified Athletic Trainers' exam in 2003. He was a GA for us too in 2004. Another of the staff favorites, everybody loves Sean.
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Jeff Moore- Updated 12/06

On Staff: 2000-2002
Degree: Biology Stockton, 2002
Now: Science teacher at Samuel S. Yellin middle school in Stratford, NJ & he is back at Stockton as an assisstant coach for men's soccer.
Sport: Soccer 1998-2002
Jeff was a key member of Stockton's only National Championship Team, men's soccer in 2001. He also went on to play professionally for a spell with the MLS Metro Stars. I'm sure he's still watching re-runs of Seinfeld, to this day.
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Alisia Morrison-Updated 9/00

On Staff: 1994-1996
Degree: Public Health & Community Health Ed. Stockton '97
Now: Health teacher at Pleasantville Middle School. 
Personal: She married a Stockton Alumni, Jean Pierre Blanchet- so it's now Alisia Blanchet.  In April of 2000 they became the proud parents of a baby girl, Angelina.   
Email: None

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Bob Neitzel - Updated 4/07

On Staff: 2000-2004
Degree: Biology Stockton, 2004
Now: R&D Lab Technitian at StonHard, Inc in Maple Shade, NJ.
Sport: Cross Country: 2000 & 2002
Bob was one of the nicest guys we've ever had on our staff. He started out sleeping too much, but ended up being a great, dedicated and "laid back" staff member.
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Megan Norcia - Updated 8/07

On Staff: 2002-2005
Degree: Criminal Justice- Stockton, 2005
Now: Finishing up her degree in Early Education at New Jersey City University and is also back at Stockton as an assistant women's soccer coach..
Sport: Soccer 2001-2004
She needed a lot of external motivation for rehab when she was injured ... but she was a lot of fun when she got on our staff ... affectionately know as "Meggie" to at least one of us. She was a 4 year starter for the soccer team and a true "team player".
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Sandra Nunes, MPT-Updated 10/02

On Staff: 1996-1998
Degree: BS Biology, Stockton- '98
Degree: Master's Physical Therapy, Stockton- '00
Now: Physical Therapist for Trinitas Childrens' Therapy Services Corp in Cranford, NJ.  She is primarily in a school-based setting.
Sandra married Matt Holbrook in September-02 who is also a Stockton PT graduate and a former member of the baseball team.
Other: Never at a shortage for words, Sandra was our most chipper, energetic employee. 

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Dr. Mike Payne, DPT-Updated 2/07

On Staff: 1996-1998
Degree: Biology, Stockton- '98
Degree: Doctor of PT, Shenandoah University in Virginia, 2005
Now: Physical Therapist at Sea Coast Physical Therapy in Wilmington, NC.
Other: Famous for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and late night phone calls and door knocking.  Payne is also known as the only SAT to ever come off the bench and threaten opposing players during an altercation at a men's soccer game (Dave Dickenson remains grateful).
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Bill Pesda, MPPA-updated 12/06. 

Nickname: Forever known to most as Pez. 
On Staff: 1993-1997. 
Degree: Political Science, Stockton '97
Degree: Master's Public Affairs & Politics, Rutgers University '00.
Now: History teacher at Ocean City High School and the Varsity Girls Soccer Coach.
Sports: Men's Soccer 1993-96
He was named the 2006 Soccer Coach of the Year, beleive it or not. At Stockton no one could skate by quite like Pez.
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Kevin Plews, RN, BSN-updated 12/06. 

On Staff: 1999-2003. 
Degree: Biology, Stockton '03
Degree: BS Nursing, Villanova University '05.
Now: Registered Nurse at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital
Other: Kevin claims "I haven't been late to work once since Stockton." That's because he was late enough here to carry him a good 15 -20 years. But as long as he's on time now, that's all that counts.
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Rob Rosa , MPT- Updated 6/03.

On Staff: 1994-2000, a hallmark on the staff.
Degree: Biology, Stockton '98

Degree: Master's Physical Therapy, Stockton, '00
Now: Manager/PT at MCRC Physical Therapy, Hazlet NJ.
Other: He was in California for a bit, but he's back in NJ (the peoples rejoiced). Rob authored one article while at Stockton. Another posseser of a solid sense of humor.

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Heather Roseti- Updated 12/06.

On Staff: 2002-2005
Degree: Biology, Stockton '05

Now: Graduate student at Philadelphia University, working on her Master's in Occuptational Therapy. She's also working as a preschool teacher at Navy Lakehurst Child Development Center.
Other: Always operating on the sly and I think she used to intentionally try and tick me off ... touche.
Not Telling

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Mary Lynn Sillup, PT, CEIM, -Updated 9/07. 

On Staff: 1991-1996- one of the first ever hires of the new athletic training regime.
Degree: Physical Therapy, Stockton- '96
Now: She's not telling.
Personal: She married Ferdinand Hafner in 1999. In 2002 they had a baby girl, Gabrielle, and in 2005 a boy, Gavin. They added twin girls, Nadia and Anya in June 2007. and they make their home in Monterey, CA
Other: Her reputation was responsible, fastidious, and eccentric.  Very eccentric. 

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Kristin Shaffer - Updated 2/08

On Staff: 1994-1996
Degree: Biology Stockton, 1996
Degree: Special Education, Kean University, 1999
Special Education Teacher at Hamilton Township Schools
Personal: Shaffer now has a married name of Marr. They had a daughter born in 2004, Makenna and a second daughter, Abby born in July 2007.
Other: She was Krumbine's better half or was it the other way around? She was good (if unfocused) fun while she was a staffer. Lower left corner of the photo.

Jeana Sparano, MPT, ATC- Updated 4/08. 

On Staff: 1993-99 (oy!)
Degree: Biology, Stockton '97
Degree: Master's Physical Therapy- '99
Now: Home Care PT, with Virtua Rehabilitation in Cherry Hill area. Part-Time Athletic Trainer at Stockton (she keeps coming back for more).
Other: She married Scott Chalbert (also a PT) in 2002. They own a home in Moorestown NJ. They are the proud parents of a baby girl, Emily, born in March of 2007. She also authored two articles while at Stockton. She is in the upper right of the photo.

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Laurel Stankiewicz, RS-Updated 10/02. 

On Staff: 1991-1993- Original "new regime" staff member
Degree: Public Health, Stockton '93
Now: Director of Food Safety & Risk Assessment for BR Guest in NY, NY.
Personal: Actually it's Laurel Cudden these days, as Laurel married former Stockton Lacrosse member, Jim Cudden.
: Volleyball
Other: Actually Luaren predated our "new regime" staff as she was staff member in 1988. Laurel is on the left in the photo.
36 County Line Rd, Farmingdale, NY 11735. 
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Demarkus Taylor -Updated 7/06. 

On Staff: 1997-1999 & 2001-2002
Degree: BA Sociology/Anthropology- Stockton '03
Now: Teacher at Irvington Township Schools
Other: Who could ever figure Demakus out? That's him second from the left in the photo.
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Christine Wain, MPT, ATC -updated 6/08. 

On Staff: 1995-02
AKA: "Dubbs" ... began as CW, evolved to C-Dubbs and ended as just Dubbs
Degree: Biology, Stockton 2000
: Master's Physical Therapy, Stockton 2002.
Now: Physical Therapist at CMC-NorthEast Outpatient Rehab, Concord NC
Personal: She married Josh Stewart in 2002 and they are now living in Concord, NC.
Sports: Basketball 1995-96
Other: As nice of a person as we've ever had ... other than that one night when she went off about her nickname. She is on the right in this 2002 photo.
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Doug Wallace, PT, ATC -updated 12/06. 

On Staff: 1991-95, Original "new regime" staff member
Degree: Physical Therapy, Stockton 1995.
Now: Doug is a paid Firefighter in Clifton, NJ (surprised? met too.) and does some PT Work, per diem, on his days off. He made the switch from PT in June of 2006. Keep 'em safe Mr. Wallace.
Sports: Lacrosse
Other: He used his hours at Stockton to help obtain his ATC. If you wanted it done by the book with all the i's dotted and t's crossed Doug was the man.
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Dr. Jenn Walley, DC -updated 6/03. 

On Staff: 1990-1994, original member of the "new regime" staff that began in 1991.
Degree: Biology, Stockton '94
Degree: Doctor of Chirpractory, Life University, 2002.
Now: working in the "greater Pomona metropolitan area"
Other: Her goal is to open her own practice. Jenn could play "hardball" when she wanted to.

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Marcie Williams-Updated 6/03. 

On Staff: 1993-1997
Degree: BS Public Health, Stockton, '97
Now: Sales Rep for Merck & Co. Pharmaceuticals.
Sports: Soccer 1993-95, NCAA Final Four- 1995
Other: A speed merchant and former goalie ... in one of the NCAA overtime's that went to goal kicks she scored a goal and saved a goal for the victory.  Hard to believe but true.

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Stephanie Williams-Updated 7/07. 

On Staff: 2000-2005
Degree: Biology, Stockton, '04
Degree: Master's Physical Therapy, Stockton- '06
Now: Physical Therapist, The Core Institue Sun City, Arizona
Personal: She just bought a house in Arizona.
Other: Steph went out to Arizona to do her final clinical with Sean McQueeney and I guess she never made it back. Dedicated and always willing to help out, unfortunately circumstances took her away from us at the end of her Stockton career. She is on the left in this 2006 photo.

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