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Bakanowsky Injures Ankle
 (Information provided by Jon Heck, MS, ATC, Coordinator of Athletic Training)

Kelli Bakanowsky Background: Kelli is leading the team in scoring with over 12points/ game while playing G/F.  Kelli was also a two time NJAC Rookie of the Week.  She is a freshman from Eastern High School and her home town is Gibbsboro, NJ.

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1/31/00: Bakanowski Returns to Play
Kelli's cast was removed on Thursday 1/27.  She began rehab that day and has progressed very rapidly.  She has passed her functional tests and we expect to return to full participation today and for the game against the College of New Jersey on Wednesday 2/2/00.  She will continue with her rehabilitation program on a preventive basis. 
Kelli elected to return to her orthopedist at home and she saw Dr. Rosen on 1/20/00.  He diagnosed her with an ankle sprain and placed her in a cast with a walking boot.  She will remain in the cast for one week.  After the cast is removed she will begin her rehab in the athletic training room. 
Women's basketball leading scorer, Kelli Bakanowsky, injured her right ankle in an away game at Montclair University .  Bakanowski had scored 20 points before the injury.  The injury occurred when she landed on another players foot while shooting.  She was initially evaluated by the Montlcair athletic training staff and then transported to the local emergency room.  X-rays were taken and she was tentatively diagnosed with a possible avulsion fracture by the ER physician.  She was placed on crutches and in an aircast.  She was seen in the athletic training room at Stockton and has begun rehabilitation aimed at pain and inflammation reduction.  She has at least a grade II ankle sprain and will be seen by one of Stockton's orthopedists for a complete diagnosis on 1/18 or 1/19. 
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