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Keelan Knee Injury Update

(Information provided by Jon Heck, MS, ATC, Coordinator of Athletic Training)
Shannon Keelan Background: Shannon is a senior and team captain for the women's soccer team.  In 1998 she led the team to the NCAA Sweet 16 by setting a new school record for goals in  a season with 21.  She was named Third Team National All-American, and First Team Regional All-American.  Shannon was also a starting point guard for the women's basketball team.  Her home town is Toms River, NJ.

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Keelan answers 19 ACL related questions
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10/17/00- Keelan Earns Honors
Shannon Keelan Named NJAC Player of the Week. Keelan earned the NJAC honor by scoring five goals and three assists for a total of 13 points in three Stockton victories last week. She netted a goal in the Ospreys' 2-0 win over Drew on October 9 then followed with three goals and an assist in a 4-0 triumph over Rutgers-Camden on October 11. Keelan capped her stellar week with a goal and two assists as Stockton defeated New Jersey City 4-0 on Saturday. She currently has a six-game point-scoring streak with five goals and eight assists during that span. Stockton has posted five consecutive shutout victories to move to 8-3-2 on the season and 4-1-2 in NJAC play.

10/10/00- Keelan Continues Comeback
Shannon Keelan continues her successful return to soccer after ACL Surgery. The team is now 5-3-2 including an upset victory over previously undefeated and #1 ranked College of New Jersey. Keelan has scored two goals and accumulated 9 assists and has played virtually every minute of all 10 games. She continues to do rehab here two days a week. We are focusing on maintaining her strength level and working on her range of motion. She has experienced some pain and soreness, which is expected in her first season back from surgery.

9/1/00- Keelan Returns for Home Opener
Shannon Keelan successfully returned to the first game of the 2000 women's soccer season after ACL surgery during the 1999 season.  She managed to put a shot off the cross-bar in a 2-1 overtime loss to Messiah College.  Shannon's knee is doing very well and she's had no problems during the pre-season.  She has been hampered by a hip flexor strain that is unrelated to her knee surgery.  She will continue doing preventive knee rehab during the season to maintain her strength, proprioception, and range of motion. 
Fast Facts:
The "Unhappy triad of O'Donahue" represents a knee injury involving the ACL, MCL, and meniscus.

4/20/99- Keelan Receives Clearance to Return to Sports
Last week Shannon returned to Dr. Bade and was officially cleared to return to athletic competition with her brace.  She has already played several hours of pick-up basketball games.  Regarding her rehab, she will continue 3 days per week for the remainder of the semester.  She has been working on her plyometrics for a couple of weeks, and her technique and conditioning here will be our primary focus.  She will continue with quad and hamstring strengthening, and maintaining her range of motion as her activity volume and intensity increase.  Shannon will be cleared to work out on her own during the summer regarding her rehab.

Shannon has just about reached 6 months post surgery.  Her range of motion is now normal.  Her functional training has increased in duration and intensity, now including shuttle runs, cutting drills, and sprinting.  All her functional drills are now timed and she is focusing on technique.  Next week we will begin her plyometric training program which will run through April.  Shannon is now in the home stretch to return to full activity.  We will continue to focus her rehab on her overall leg strength and anaerobic conditioning.

Shannon continues her progression with rehab at 18 weeks post surgery.  Her jogging has increased in distance up to 2 miles.  Functionally she now has begun agility drills inlcuding, lateral shuffle, figure 8's, backwards running.  She will continue to focus on strengthening her knee with the leg press, and hamstring curls.  We expect her to begin full plyometrics in another 3-4 weeks, as per Dr. Bade's guidelines.  We will work on increasing the pace, difficulty, and intensity of her agility drills in preparation for her plyometric training.


Shannon is 14 weeks post surgery.  Her progression has been excellent.  Her extension is full and flexion has improved to 126 degrees.  Shannon did some of her rehab over the break here, but also completed some at home at Novacare, in Bricktown.  Now that classes have begun, she will return to rehab 5 days a week at Stockton.  We have stepped up her functional rehab, which now includes 15 minutes of jogging, and stationary hopping.  Shannon is also rowing and continues to ride the bike.  We will continue to work on her range of motion, proprioception, and strength.  She spends about 1.5 hours daily doing rehabilitation.  Because her knee is feeling so much better, she is now getting "itchy" to return to more competitive activities.  We have to keep her patient now and allow the time her knee needs to fully recover.  She returns to her physician, Dr. Bade on February 16th.


Shannon is now 8 weeks post-surgery and about 7 weeks into her rehabilitation at Stockton.  That translates into about 100 hours of rehab so far.  She has been walking without a brace for about 3 weeks and her walking pattern has just about returned to normal.  From post surgery she has lost over 1 3/4" of inflammation, as her mid knee measurement has decreased fom 14 3/4" to 13 1/4".  Her rehabilitation progress is ahead of schedule.  7 weeks ago she was able to flex her knee only 54 degrees, that has improved to 122 degrees.  And she is now only 1 degree short of full extension.  She is now biking/ rowing for 20 minutes a day, working on the leg press in the weight room, strengthening her hamstrings, and has begun coordinated stepping patterns.  After her next visit back to her orthopedist (12/22), we expect her to begin jogging.


After 4 weeks of "Prehabilitation" directed toward increasing her range of motion and increasing her quad and hamstring strength, Shannon Keelan underwent surgery for her ACL tear.  The surgery was performed by Dr. Harry Bade of Professional Orthopedic Associates at Monmouth Medical Center in Long Branch NJ on 10/14/99.  Keelan underwent a 3 hour procedure using her own patellar tendon for her new ACL.  She began her early post-surgical rehabilitation at Stockton Athletic Training Services on 10/24/99.  Her rehabilitation will initially focus on regaining her knee extenstion, flexion and quad strength. Shannon will be rehabilitating her knee 5 days per week from 1 to 2 hours per day.  She is now walking without crutches, her knee brace allows her 60 degrees of flexion, and she has just begun riding the stationary bike.
Arthroscopic Photo's of Keelan's Surgery
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Keelan Injures Knee
Keelan's MRI was read on Thursday 9/9/99, and confirmed the original diagnosis of a torn ACL and MCL.  Tentatively, we plan on doing about 4 weeks of rehabilitation and she will then undergo reconstructive knee surgery toward the middle of October.

Senior, All-American, Shannon Keelan injured her right knee in the first women's soccer game of the season on Thursday September 2nd.  The injury occurred in the first half of the College of Notre Dame (in Maryland) game when Keelan collided with the opposing goalie.  She was initially evaluated by the Notre Dame athletic training staff and removed from the game with a suspected Medial Collateral Ligament (MCL) sprain.

According to Jon Heck, MS, ATC, Coordinator of Athletic Training, Keelan was re-evaluated on Friday morning in the athletic training room at Stockton.  The initial impression was a MCL sprain, probable anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) sprain and meniscal injury.  She was then seen by Dr. Raymond Weiand, MD on Friday afternoon and the diagnosis of an ACL tear, MCL tear and possible meniscal tear was made.  Keelan will be getting an MRI on her knee after the Labor Day weekend to confirm the initial diagnosis.

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