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 McMorris Dislocates Knee
 (Information provided by Jon Heck, MS, ATC, Coordinator of Athletic Training)
Karisa McMorris Background: At the time of her injury, 12/6/99, she was leading the team in scoring, averaging over 14 points/ game.  Karisa was 2nd in the conference in steals, and shooting 31% from the 3 point line.  She is a Junior transfer from Camden County College and her home town is Sewell, NJ.

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Karisa Answers 19 ACL Related Questions

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12/1/00- McMorris to Transfer
Early in the basketball season Karisa decided she would have to transfer after the fall semester for financial reasons. She completed the fall semester here, but left the basketball team in mid-November. She has elected to go to Rowan, which is near her home in Sewell, and she expects to join their basketball team after the fall semester in December.
11/3/00- McMorris Back on the Court
Seven months after ACL surgery Karisa was cleared to return to competitive basketball on 9/27/00 by Dr. Steve Zabinski. She completed her rehab during the summer and has participated in each basketball conditioning and practice session. Karisa returned to the court on 10/21/00. She participated during the first week with her brace. She then passed a functional testing program with the athletic training staff required by Dr. Zabinksi and was cleared to compete without her ACL brace. Karisa will continue rehabilitation during the season 3 days per week, focusing on maintaining her range of motion, proprioception, and hamstring and quad strength.
Karisa is now just over 3 months post surgery.  She continues to progress extremely well.  Her range of motion is within normal limits, but she still has a bit more work to do with her flexion.  She has been jogging for several weeks now, and her weight room work includes the leg press, hamstring curl, hip adduction, and hip abduction.  She has moved through her two foot stationary hopping program.  She returned to Dr. Zabinski last week and she was cleared to begin a sprinting program and stationary hopping on 1 foot.  She will be working out on her own during the summer, with periodic visits to our athletic training room for updates to her rehabilitation program.  Her focus will remain on her quad and hamstring strengthening and now inlcude progressing through her sprinting and new hopping programs. 

Karisa's progress has been excellent. She is about 6 weeks post surgery and is ahead of schedule.  She now has full extension of her knee and her flexion as improved to 112 degrees.  She has been working on the leg press for a few weeks and her quad strength has shown significant improvements.  She has moved through her coordinated stepping program, and continues on the stationary bike.  She returned to Dr. Zabinski yesterday, and was given the OK to begin jogging, which she did today.  Her rehabilitation program will now begin to take on a more functional component and we will continue to work on her quad/ hamstring strength and balance/ proprioception skills. 

Karisa began her post-survery rehab on 2/16 ... she now gets to start all over again!  She will return to rehab for the rest of semester at 5 days/ week.  We again will focus on decreasing her inflammation, and pain level, and begin to increase her motion for knee flexion and extension.  We will also focus on regaining her quad control.  One week ago she had 36 degrees of flexion, today that has increased to 58 degrees.  Her extension is 3 degrees short of normal.  She has progressed from walking with crutches to using a cane this week.  She also began riding the stationary bike for 5 minutes. 

2/10/00:  Knee Surgery Successful
Karisa's knee surgery was completed this morning by Dr. Zabinski at Shore Memorial Hospital in Somers Point, NJ.  The surgery went very well.  Her MCL had healed up nicely and nothing was done to it during the operation.  Her ACL was replaced using 1/3 of her own patellar tendon, as planned, and she also had a partial meniscal tear removed.  She returned home on Thursday, and is expected to begin rehab at Stockton sometime next week. 

Karisa's MCL injury is healing well as her laxity has decreased significantly from her original injury.  If all goes well her MCL will not need to be repaired in surgery.  Her quad contraction, control and strength are improving nicely.  She has begun 1/4 squats and step up's in rehab.  Her knee flexion has improved to 93 degrees.  Karisa will continue with another 2-3 weeks of "Prehabilitation" with us.  She will have surgery to repair her ACL sometime during the 1st week or so of February.  Karisa has elected to go with a bone- patellar tendon- bone autograft, which comes from her own knee.

Her MRI revealed a complete ACL tear, the MCL was completely torn off the medial femoral condyle, and a medial mensical tear.  There was some question whether a Posterior Cruciate Ligament (PCL) injury was present.  A significant contusion of the lateral femoral condyle was also present.  Her priority for rehabilitation was to increase her knee flexion and further increase her quad muscle strength.  At the end of December, her knee flexion was restricted to about 35 degrees mainly related to her MCL tear.  Karisa has been walking in her functional brace without crutches for over 10 days.  She needs to gain over 100 degrees of flexion before any knee surgery.

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