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An Analysis of Football's Spearing Rules.  Jon Heck.  The Sideliner: Journal of the ATSNJ. 9: 8-9,15; 1993.
  Article Background
  This is probably the only copy most people (99.9%) will find of this article.  It was written for "The Sideliner", which was a little, informal, Journal published by the Athletic Trainers Society of NJ or ATSNJ.  The circulation was probably a few hundred or so.  The Journal is now defunct and went belly up in the mid-nineties, as the ATSNJ decided to put those funds to work elsewhere.  I wrote this over a period of a few weeks for the Editor at the time, Karen Korbal.  She definately had a difficult job, keeping this project above water. 

This was my second publication (still just a pup).  It's a fairly brief article and rather straight forward.  The title is actually a bit of a misnomer.  It is more an analysis of the effect of the spearing rule change in 1976, than of the spearing rules.  Still, many of the spearing themes that appear in all of my later articles first surfaced here.  I guess that makes it a springboard of sorts.

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