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Update on Adams Knee Injury
 (Information provided by Jon Heck, MS, ATC, Coordinator of Athletic Training)

Background: Carrie Adams is a sophomore on the women's basketball team. Her hometown is Galloway Twp, NJ and she attended Absegami High School.

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4/23/03- Adams to Begin Home Program
On her last visit for the semester Carrie was progressing well. Our plan had been to progress her very slowly and methodically. Her range of motion was back to normal. She was working on 1/4 squats and had progressed to some work in the weight room. She will complete her rehab on a home program during the summer.
3/27/03- Adams Undergoes 2nd Surgery
Carrie had an arthroscopic partial menisectomy on 3/25 performed by Dr. John Baker. The injury resulted in removal of approximately 50% of her medial meniscus. Her MCL injury did not warrant any surgical intervention. Carrie returned today to begin rehab. She is already walking without crutches and has over 90 degrees of flexion and nearly full extension and is doing very well. She will return to her 3 day/ week rehab schedule.
3/14/03- Adams Re-injures Knee in Game at NYU
Carrie returned to Dr. Baker on 3/6 regarding the nodule under her incision. She was diagnosed with a benign cyst and this was aspirated in the office. She returned to full practice without problem. However, on Saturday 3/9 during the ECAC Playoff game she re-injured her knee in a noncontact injury. She was treated by the NYU athletic training staff and an MCL sprain was suspected. Dr. Baker was away for the week so she was seen by Dr. Dalzell on Monday. She was initially diagnosed with an MCL sprain with concern for reinjury to her medial meniscal repair. Carrie had an MRI on Tuesday. On Thursday 3/13 we found out her MRI revealed an mild MCL sprain and a tear to her medial meniscus. Her meniscal injury will now require an additional surgery.
2/27/03- Adams Early Return Goes Well
Carrie made her return on Wednesday without problems on 2/12. She has played in three additional games. In their last game Carrie played 18 minutes scored 1 point and had 3 rebounds. She continues with rehab 3 days/ week and has had very little difficult with her return to participation. We noticed last week an area beneath her incision that is consistent with scar tissue or a meniscal cyst. She will return to Dr. Baker for an evaluation of this issue.
2/11/03- Adams Expected to Return on Wednesday
Carrie has made excellent progress since returning to rehab at Stockton. She has progressed through a functional program that included hopping, jumping, cutting and agility drills. She returned to practice on a limited basis last week with no significant symptoms. We expect her to participate in a full practice today and, barring any setbacks, obtain some game time tomorrow against New Jersey City University. One of our primary concerns will be maintaining her range of motion as she returns to full participation.
1/24/03- Adams May Miss Remainder of Season
Carrie was unable to do any formal rehabilitation during the winter break due to a family emergency. Unfortunately, this has significantly set her back regarding her time frame for returning this season. Her range of motion is doing fine, but we will need to refocus on her quad and hamstring strength and coordination in rehab. Carrie will be doing rehab 3 days per week with us.
12/11/02- Adams Progresses in Rehab
During week 1 of Carrie's rehab she was non-weight bearing, in an extension brace and limited to some simple quad work. She had a mild complication of an infection at one of her incision sites that has resolved quickly with antibiotics. She returned to Dr. Baker today and we now are progressing her rehab to begin working on Active Range of Motion (AROM) for knee flexion up to about 65 degrees. We will progress this about 15 degrees per week. She is now partial weight bearing on crutches (in a different extension brace) and we are working on isometric hamstring and quad strengthening. Our other goal is to decrease her inflammation.
12/6/02- Adams Has Meniscal Repair
Carrie had a arthroscopic meniscal repair on Thursday. The injury was on the posterial peripheral aspect of the medial meniscus and Dr. Baker was able to repair the tear. It was repairable because this portion of the meniscus has an adequate blood supply for healing. This will slow down the first 2-3 weeks of her rehab and we now expect her back in 6-8 weeks.
12/4/02- Surgery Scheduled for Thursday 12/5
Carrie is scheduled for arthroscopic surgery tomorrow. There is a possibility she will have the meniscus repaired instead of removing the injured section (partial menisectomy). Dr. Baker will determine this once he sees the injury during the surgery. If she has a partial menisectomy we expect her to return in 4-5 weeks. If the meniscus is repaired (this is better for the long-term function of her knee) it will significantly increase her rehabilitation time before she returns to basketball.
12/2/02- MRI Reveals Meniscal Tear
Carrie had an MRI on Friday. Her report indicates she has a medial meniscal tear in the posterior aspect of the mensicus. There was no ACL or other injury involved. This coincides with Dr. Baker's diagnosis from Wednesday 11/27. She will need arthroscopic surgery, which we expect to take place by the end of this week. She will continue with rehab to gain as much range of motion and quad/ hamstring strength as possible before her surgery.
11/27/02- Adams Injures Knee in Rowan Game
Sophomore Center, Carrie Adams injured her right knee in the home opener against Rowan University last night. She twisted her knee when she was tangled with another player while landing from a jump. She felt a pop at the time of the injury, but came off the court on her own. She has history of an ACL repair on this knee in 1999. She was evaluated by the athletic training staff and a meniscal injury was suspected with questionable involvement of her ACL. She was removed from the game and placed on crutches.

She was re-evaluated today in the athletic training room and we now suspect a medial meniscal injury and have a very low suspicion of ACL injury. She has an appointment to see her orthopedic surgeon, Dr. John Baker from Atlantic Shore Orthopedic Associates in Northfield today for an official diganosis.
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