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Update on Ash's ACL Injury
 (Information provided by Jon Heck, MS, ATC, Coordinator of Athletic Training)

Background: Dana Ash is a sophomore starting forward on the women's soccer team. Her hometown is Ringwood, NJ and she attended Immaculate Heart High School. Ash was a first team All Conference selection for the NJAC. She was second on the team in scoring with 18 points, 7 goals and 4 assists.

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5/2/03- Rehab Concluding for Ash
Dana's formal rehab will conclude next week. She has progressed through a plymetric program and through her agility training. She will continue rehab on a home-program for the summer. Dana did an outstanding job with her rehab and is ready to begin a return to competitive soccer. She experienced no significant problems or difficulties throughout her rehab, which consisted of 4-5 days per week for the spring semester. She will begin playing in a summer soccer league in early June.
3/31/03- Ash Progressing Through Plyometrics
Dana has been working on plyometric training the past three weeks. She will be progressing this week to some more advanced jumps. Dana continues to do extremely well in rehab. Beginning next week we plan on implementing agility drills that will include cutting, stopping, starting and timed pattern running. This will be the final phase of her formal rehab program. She is also participating in spring soccer, limited to non-live situations.
2/27/03- Ash Cleared for Full Participation By Physician
Dana returned to Dr. Maharam for a follow-up visit and was cleared to return to all sporting activities at just about 3 months post surgery. However, we will be taking a bit more conservative approach. Dana will not participate in the spring soccer season this year as a precaution. We will begin to progress her through her functional rehab more aggressively for the remainder of the semester. And Dana can now participate in aerobics classes, so she is happy. We have begun plyometric training and she is now jogging for 15 minutes and doing the step machine for 15 minutes a day.
2/10/02- Ash Progressing through Functional Rehab
Dana is progressing very well with her rehab, and is actually a bit ahead of schedule at 10 weeks post surgery. Her ROM is normal and her quad strength is doing very nicely. She has been cleared by her physician to begin working on kicking and dribbling a soccer ball. Functionally, she is now jogging on the treadmill for 10 minutes at 6.0 mph. Her rehab now also includes work on the slideboard and stationary pattern hopping. Her rehab will continue to focus on quad and hamstring strength and proprioception/balance skills. Dana is coming in for rehab 4 days/ week.
1/8/03- Ash Continues Rehab at Home During Break
Dana is continuing her ACL rehab at a HealthSouth near her home in Ringwood for the break. She will continue rehab 3x's / week until she returns to Stockton when classes begin. Dana has also been cleared by her doctor to begin jogging.
12/13/02- Ash Makes Early Progress
Dana is now just over two weeks post surgery. She has made nice early progress. She is just a couple degrees short of full knee extension. She is walking without crutches. Her rehab now includes the leg press, and hip adduction in the weight room. She is working on the stationary bike for 15-20 minutes per day. Dana has also begun 1/4 squats and some proprioception work. She will continue to work on her quad strength as well as her motion in extension and flexion. She will continue rehab next week and then begin physical therapy while she is home for winter break.
12/4/02- Ash Begins Rehab After Surgery
Dana began rehab today, 1 week after her ACL surgery. She did not have a meniscal tear. Her doctor has her using a CPM Machine (constant passive motion) for up to 6 hours per day at home. She is partial weight bearing on crutches and without any knee brace. Today she has moderate knee inflammation and she is 10 degrees short of full extension and has 51 degrees of flexion. Her initial rehab will focus on gaining full extension, regaining her quad strength and increasing her knee flexion. She will be coming for rehab 5 days per week.
11/18/02- ACL Surgery Scheduled
Dana is scheduled for surgery at the NYU Hospital for Joint Disease on November 27th. She will be using part of her own hamstring as her new ACL (hamstring autograft). Her surgery will be performed by Dr. Greslamer, MD. She has made nice progress in rehab. Her Range of Motion has improved to near full extension and flexion. She is walking without crutches and her rehab now includes the stationary bike, 1/4 squats and proprioception work. She will continue her rehab 5 days per week until her surgery.
11/13/02- MRI Confirms ACL Tear
Dana returned to her orthopedist, Dr. Lewis Maharam, MD at Columbia-Presbyterian Hospital in NY. Her MRI confirmed an ACL tear but was negative for a meniscal injury. She also had contusions of the femoral condyles and the tibial plateau, which are consistent with an ACL related injury. The injury will require surgery.
11/5/02- Ash Injures Knee at TCNJ Playoff Game
Dana Ash injured her right knee when she collided with another player during the conference playoff game at TCNJ. Her injury was managed by the Stockton athletic training staff and she was removed from the game. The initial impression was a possible ACL sprain and lateral meniscal injury and she was placed on crutches. She was evaluated the following day in the Athletic Training Room and the same injuries were suspected.

Dana was reffered to Dr. Steve Zabinski, MD that evening for evaluation. The diagnoses was made of an ACL tear and possible lateral meniscus injury or lateral collateral ligament sprain. Dana has an MRI appointment to confirm the diagnoses on Friday 11/8/02. Dana will continue rehab that will focus on decreasing her inflammation, pain control, increasing her range of motion, and increasing her quad strength. This was our second ACL injury in women's soccer in 1 month and just the second one since 1999.
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