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Update on Edley's ACL Surgery
 (Information provided by Jon Heck, MS, ATC, Coordinator of Athletic Training)

Cori Edley Background: Cori is a freshman on the women's soccer team. Her hometown is Middletown, NJ and she attended Old Bridge High School.

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5/5/03- Edley Completes Rehab
Cori completed her supervised rehabilitation today. Her knee is doing very well and she has progressed through a plyometric program and an agility training program. She returns to Dr. Zuck today, and we expect her to get final clearance for full activity, as she is now over 6 months post surgery. She will begin playing in a summer soccer league in June. She will also continue to work on a home rehab program for the summer.
4/15/03- Edley Progresses Through Phase 3 of Plyometrics
Cori has recovered completely from her two minor setbacks of an LCL sprain and IT Band syndrome. She is in the final stages of her supervised rehab. She has progressed to single leg plyometrics this week. She is progressing through her functional rehab without the use of her knee brace. We anticpate phasing in an aggressive agility/ running program next week and will progress through that for the remainder of the semester. Cori continues to work on her quad/ hamstring strength and maintaining her range of motion at her knee.
3/11/03- Edley Back to Full Rehab
Cori saw Dr. Zuck on 3/3 and was diagnosed with a minor LCL injury and a resolving popliteal cyst. He gave her the OK to return to her normal rehab schedule. We gradually added in her functional training over the past week, which Cori tolerated well. She is now back on schedule and completing her full itinerary of rehab exercises.
2/27/03- Edley Aggravates Knee
Cori injured her knee while "horsing" around in her appartment on Sunday. We have concerns of a mild LCL ligament injury. We have a low index of suspicion of a meniscal injury and her IT Band Syndrome further clouds the issue. She also has some popliteal inflammation. We adjusted her rehab to focus on pain control and inflammation on Monday and Tuesday and she has gradually increased her rehab this week. She returns to Dr. Zuck on Monday for follow-up regarding this injury.
2/13/02- Edley Develops Tendinitis
Cori has developed a minor case of IT Band Syndrome, which basically is tendonitis along the outside of her knee. We have made some minor adaptations in her rehab for this injury, including eliminating the bike/ stairmaster temporarily, until we get her symptoms to calm down. Otherwise her knee is doing great, and she is on target in her rehab program. She is now jogging for 15 minutes on the treadmill and is working on a stationary pattern- hopping program. She is now about 14 weeks post surgery.
1/22/03- Edley Begins Jogging
During winter break Cori did two weeks of home rehab and one week of rehab at Bayshore Community Health Services. Her rehab now also includes step-ups, lunges, and hamstring curls in the weight room. Cori began jogging today with 5 minutes on the treadmill at 3 miles per hour. Her AROM is normal for both extension and flexion and her quad control has made nice progress. She will begin rehab with us again 4-5 days per week.
12/13/02- Rehab Focuses on Quad Strength
Cori is now 7 weeks post surgery. She continues to do rehab 5 days per week. Her extension and flexion are now within normal limits. We now work on maintaining the gains she has made in knee extension. Her primary goal now is to increase her quad strength and control. She is also working on the eliptical/hiking machine in addition to the stationary bike. She is also working on hip abduction/ adduction in addition to the leg press in the weight room. She is being fit for a functional ACL brace next week.
11/22/02- Edley On Target in Rehab
Cori continues to progress well in rehab and is on target with her rehab at about 4 weeks post surgery. Her quad strength and control is progressing and she has maintained her gains in extension and flexion which are in the normal range. She is now working on the leg press in a limited range of motion. She has also begun working on hamstring stengthening. Her primary complaint is soreness at and around her incision and portal sites. She returns to Dr. Zuck for follow-up in early December.
11/5/02- Edley Begins Biking in Rehab
Cori began stationary biking in rehab on Monday night. She is making some very fast progress and she has met her goals without much trouble. Her extension has improved very well and her flexion is up to 115 degrees. We feel her prehab and the use of the achilles tendon allograft have eliminated much of the difficulty usually associated with regaining full extension after ACL surgery. She has also begun 1/4 squats. She is also now walking without her crutches in her Bledsoe hinged brace. We anticipate beginning work on the leg press next week.
10/30/02- Edley Begins Rehab
Cori started her rehabilitation program 5 days post surgery in the Stockton Athletic Training room. Initially her program will focus on regaining full knee extension and improving quad strength and knee flexion. On day one her active ROM was 62 degrees of flexion and she was 20 degrees short of full extension. Post rehab today her motion has improved to 107 degrees of flexion and just short of full extension. She will rehab 5 days per week She is partial weight bearing with crutches and is progressing toward full bearing with no crutches. She is wearing a Bledsoe brace.
10/25/02- Edley's ACL Surgery Goes Well
After 10 days of "prehabilitation" aimed at increasing Cori's range of motion, quad strength, and hamstring strength, Cori underwent ACL reconstruction. The surgery was performed by Dr. Glenn Zuck, DO of Pace Orthopedics at Shore Memorial Hospital in Somers Point, NJ. Her procedure took 2 hours and she used an achilles tendon allograft for her new ACL. During the surgery injury to her lateral meniscus was confirmed and partial meniscectomy was also performed. Her MCL sprain was not involved in the surgery.
10/15/02- Edley's MRI Confirms ACL Tear
Cori's MRI was read on Tuesday 10/15/02 and confirmed the original diagnosis. A meniscal injury could not be ruled out from the MRI. Cori will continue "prehabilitation" until her surgery which is scheduled for Friday 10/25/02. The concept behind prehab is to increase her knee toward normal strength and motion so her rehab will be easier post surgery. "The stronger going in ... the stronger coming out."
10/9/02- Edley Injures ACL in Collision
Freshman forward, Cori Edley injured her left knee during a soccer game against Georgian Court College. The injury occurred during a collision between her and the opposing goalie. Edley was initially evaluated by the Georgian Court Athletic Training staff and the attending physician. An MCL and ACL injury were suspected and she was removed from competition. Edley was our first ACL related soccer injury since 1999.

The following day Cori reported to the Athletic Training Room for re-evaluation by the Stockton athletic training staff. The same injuries were suspected with the addition of a possible lateral meniscal injury. Edley was referred to Dr. Glenn Zuck, DO later that afternoon and the diagnosis was confirmed. She was scheduled for an MRI the following day.
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