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Update on McElrath's ACL Injury
 (Information provided by Jon Heck, MS, ATC, Coordinator of Athletic Training)

Background: Connie McElrath is a sophomore on the women's basketball team. Her hometown is Edison, NJ and she attended Edison High School. She had an ACL reconstruction on her other knee in 2002.

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5/9/03- McElrath Will Conclude Rehab at Home
As the spring semester concludes Connie is about 4.5 months post surgery. She has continued to improve with little problems. She has progressed through most of her plyometric program. Her remaining goal for the final 6 weeks of her rehab will be to increase her quad strength and size. She will work on an agility program at home and conclude her 6 weeks of rehab on a home program. We expect Connie to recieve unrestricted clearance at about 6 months post surgery, per her protocol's guidelines.
3/13/03- McElrath Continues to Breeze through Rehab
Connie continues to easily progress through her rehab. She has been jogging and continues to work on stationary hopping patterns with no problems. Our biggest challenge right now is keeping Connie compliant with her protocol's restrictions. As we enter spring break Connie will work on her jogging, hopping, and forward lunges on her vacation.
2/25/03- McElrath Begins Jogging
Connie has been doing very well in her rehab. Her Active Range of Motion (AROM) returned to normal with little difficulty. According to her physicians protocol she has progressed to the leg press and hip adduction in the weight room. She was also using the stairmaster and bike for 30 minutes per day. Her program also includes stationary pattern hopping. Our goal for Connie is to increase her strength and size of her quad and hamstring over the coming weeks. She returned to Dr. Hosea on Tuesday and was cleared to begin jogging in her rehab program.
1/9/03- McElrath Begins Rehab at Home
Connie had her ACL surgery on December 24th (Merry Christmas!). She had a patellar tendon autograft and Dr. Hosea also cleaned up her meniscus during the surgery. She began her rehab at home with a local physical therapy clinic. She will continue this program until she returns to Stockton and will then continue her rehab with us. She is presently wearing a Bledsoe brace and full weight bearing with crutches.
12/13/02- McElrath Tears ACL
The preliminary MRI report on Connie's left knee revealed an ACL tear. She will now return to her orthopedist in central NJ, Dr. Tim Hosea, MD. Connie had reconstructive ACL surgery on her right knee in March of 2001.
12/11/02- McElrath Injures Knee in Paterson Game
Connie McElrath, a sophomore forward, injured her right knee in a home game on 11/7 against William Paterson. She twisted her knee when she was tangled up with an oppenent while competing for a pass. She felt a "pop" or "crunch" at the time of the injury. She was removed from the game and a meniscal injury was suspected at that time. She did not return to the game and was given instructions for home care overnight.

She returned the following day for re-evaluation in the athletic training room. A meniscal injury was still suspected and she was referred to Dr. Steve Zabinski, MD from Shore University Orthopedic Associates on Tuesday 12/9. Dr. Zabinski also suspected an ACL injury and she is scheduled for an MRI on Thursday 12/12 to confirm the diagnosis.
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