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Photo's of the Athletic Training Staff 
through the years.  A work in progress.
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Mary Lynn Sillup-  
Frank Gross, Jon Heck, Nick Carabetta-  
(Front Row) Jeannine Wamsher, Jen Walley, Jon Heck, Nick Carabetta, Christie Heitzmann, Cindy Beltran 
(Back Row) Doug Wallace, Jamie Grissom, Laurel Stankiewicz, Mary Lynn Sillup, Christina Balzer
Eric Dodson,Mike Payne 
Working hard. 1998
Christie Heitzmann, Cindy Beltran, Karen 
Krumbine, Jon Heck- 1995
Rob Rosa, Chris Gallagher,  
KaleyAbato- 1999
Mary Lynn Sillup, Christie Heitzmann- 1993 
Yeah, yeah, real funny.


Laurel Stankiewicz, Christina Balzer 
Mary Lynn Sillup 
Jeana Sparano-1994
Rob Rosa, Demarkus Taylor, Eric Dodson, 
Mike Payne- 1998. How many does it take?
Cindy Beltran-1995 
Don't snap that picture.
Cody the Dog 
A Legend
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