1999 Sports Medicine Symposium 
Survey Results
Attendance: The Symposium was attended by 72 Professionals & Students.
The 2000 Symposium will be held on Saturday July 15th.
Chuck Whedon, Ned Lenny, Dr. Dave Anapolle.
Dr. Steve Zabinski
Dr. Joe Torg


Attendee Comments
Things we'll Improve
1999 Symposium Information
On a 1-5 scale, with 5 being the best score, the Symposium graded out as follows: 

1) Overall Impression of the Symposium- 4.5 
2) Content of the Symposium- 4.44 

Ned Lenny
Dr. Glenn Zuck
The symposium was recieved very well, and we were very pleased with the ratings and responses we received from the participants. 

Some of the Comments: 
"A great group of speakers- the best in the field in this area!"
"I'd be very interested in seeing this become an annual event."
"Nice to have an informative one day seminar/symposium in a local area. Nice Job!"
"Great combo of lectures, glad to have been a part of the 1st Symposium- look forward to next year."
"It was fun.  I like the casualness. All speakers should be required to strip down during their speech!!!"
"Excellent idea for South Jersey."
"Very well run, all speakers were very knowedgeable and down to earth.  Good mix of topics.  Great food!"
"I thought this was a very good idea, it was very informative, but in a relaxed environment."

Although things went well, there was room for improvement. 
Based on your comments we will work on the following: 
Physical Therapists need CEU's too.  Blame this one on the Director.  I didn't realize PT's were required to obtain CEU's.  I will get with the NJ APTA to resolve this problem for 2000.
Stick to the Schedule. One of the problems here was I didn't allow time for the changeovers.  It takes time to conclude registration and begin the first speaker, to change speakers, to begin after lunch concludes, etc.  Chalk it up as a lesson learned.  We will have better time management next year.
Allow mini breaks between speakers. We will allow 5 minutes as we switch speakers in 2000.
Difficulty hearing some speakers. We had a couple microphone problems with a few of the speakers.  This will be a top priority for next year.
Have outlines for every speaker's presentation.  This was a priority and I did emphasize this to each speaker.  We did have excellent outlines for all but a couple presentations.  But I can only do so much here, if a speaker doesn't get me an outline ... there's not much I can do.  But we will re-emphasize this to the speakers next year.
Consider having fewer speakers talk longer.  This will be taken into consideration, but having more topics covered has its merits also.
Use both sides of the buffet table. Good point, will do.
We need coffee after lunch. Food services cleared the coffee and tea away after the symposium started.  We will make sure it remains next year for the entire symposium.



Sports Medicine Symposium 
Richard Stockton College 
Saturday, July 17th (10 AM) 
A-Wing Lecture Hall 
Last Updated 7/7/99 
This site will be updated frequently- 
so check back often.

We are running a pilot symposium directed toward certified athletic trainers and physical therapists, however, PTA's and students are welcome.  The goal is to provide an informative session on timely sports medicine topics, in a casual environment.  Each presentation will be limited to 35-40 minutes followed by a brief question and answer period. We will bring in a mix of orthopedists, athletic trainers, and physical therapists as speakers. 

It is our belief that the symposium fills a need in the Southern New Jersey area.  If we get a decent amount of interest and we find it does fill a need through attendance, then we will look to make the symposium a yearly event. 

This first symposium will be a skeleton format, or there won't be a whole lot of extras. We are focusing on some quality content, in a laid-back, stress free format.  The bare essentials. 

The symposium will begin at 10:00 am and run for 5 hours.  The cost will be $25.  Brochures were mailed on June 16th & 17th.  The deadline for registration is Monday July 12th.  Limited walk-in registration will be available. 

For the ATC's: We are recognized by the NATA Board of Certification to offer continuing education for certified athletic trainers.  A NATABOC report of attendance will be issued for .5 CEU's.  A Special Note for High School Athletic Trainers. 

Directions:  Go to parking lot #1 and proceed to A-wing. 

Directions to the College

Questions should be directed to Jon Heck, MS, ATC at 609-652-4952 or 

Alphabetical Listing of  Speakers
Dr. Dave Anapolle, MD 
Pace Orthopedics
The Meniscus Bug: Current Concepts 
of Treatment for the Y2K.
Lou Hochstrasser,MS,PT,CSCS 
Athletic Coordinator 
Examination and Treatment of 
Patello Femoral Pain.
Ned Lenny, PT 
Physical Therapist, NovaCare
Principles of Core Training in Athletic 
Dr. Joe Torg, MD 
Hahneman Orthopedics
Criteria for Return to Collision  
Activities After Cervical Spine Injury.
Chuck Whedon, MS, ATC 
Coordinator of Athletic Training, 
Rowan University
Ergogenic Aids: Supplementing  
Hard Work
Dr. Steve Zabinski, MD 
Shore University Orthopedic 
The Role of Hamstring Grafts in 
ACL Reconstruction.
Dr. Glenn Zuck, DO 
Pace Orthopedics
Evaluation of the Athletic Shoulder.
9:30am Check-in Registration.
10:00am Criteria for Return to Collision Activities After Cervical 
Spine Injury. Dr. Joe Torg, MD
10:45am Ergogenic Aids: Supplementing Hard Work. 
Chuck Whedon, MS, ATC
11:30am The Meniscus Bug: Current Concepts of Treatment 
for the Y2K. Dr. Dave Anapolle, MD
12:15pm Break/ Snack
12:45pm Principles of Core Training in Athletic Rehabilitation. 
Ned Lenny, PT
1:30pm The Role of Hamstring Grafts in ACL Reconstruction. 
Dr. Steve Zabinski, MD
2:15pm Examination and Treatment of Patello Femoral Pain. 
Lou Hochstrasser, MS, PT, CSCS
3:00pm Examination of the Athletic Shoulder. 
Dr. Glenn Zuck, DO

Note for High School Athletic Trainers.It was my sincere intention to have a high school ATC present at the symposium.  However, I was 0-14 in my attempts to secure a speaker, and then I ran out of time.  Everyone was either unavailable, declined, or didn't respond to the invitation.  July 17th must be the state day for all high school ATC's to vacation or attend weddings:)

Speaker Bio's
Dr. Dave Anapolle, MD:  

Present Position: Pace Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, Somers Point NJ. 
Former Position: Rancocas Orthopedic Associates, Willingboro NJ. 
Education Undergrad: Cornell University.  
Education MD: University of Medicine & Dentistry of NJ. 
Fellowship: Sports Medicine, Arthroscopy, & Knee Surgery 
The Orthopedic Specialty Hospital, Salt Lake City, UT. 
Publications (4): Most Recent: Anapolle DM, Paulos LE. Radiological Imaging of the Knee.  In: McGinty J. ed. Operative Arthroscopy, 2nd Edition. Philadelphia: Lippincott-Raven Publishers; 1996:175-187. 
Presentations (9): Most Recent: "Physical Therapy: What to Expect- Preventing Back Injuries." University of Medicine & Dentistry-School of Osteopathic Medicine. 11/95 

Lou Hochstrasser, MS, PT, CSCS:  

Present Position: Physical Therapist & Site Coordinator at HealthSouth, Manahawkin NJ. 
Education Undergrad: Ocean County College/ Drexel University.  
Master's Degree: Thomas Jefferson University. 
Speaker: Registered Speaker for National Strength & Conditioning Association. 
Presentations (Numerous): Via Strength & Conditioning Topics. 

Dr. Joe Torg, MD:  

Present Position: MCP Hahneman University; Joe Torg Center for Sports Medicine and Athletic Trauma, Philadelphia, PA. 
Former Position: Penn Sports Medicine, Philadelphia, PA.. 
Education Undergrad: Haverford College.  
Education MD: Temple University, School of Medicine. 
Faculty: Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, Allegheny University of Health Sciences. 
Former Team Physician:  76'ers, Flyers, Eagles. 
Editorial Boards (8): Including, The Physician & Sports Medicine, Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine, American Journal of Orthopedic Surgery, Year Book of Sports Medicine. 
Journal Publications (146): Most Recent:  Torg JS, Harris S, Rogers K, Silwell G: Retrospective Report on the Effectiveness of a Polyurethane Football Helmet Cover on the Repeated Occurrence of Cerebral Concussions.The American Journal of Orhtopaedics, Vol.28, No.2, February 1999, pp 128-132. 
Chapter Publications (40): Most Recent: Guerra JJ, Torg JS: Evaluation and Rehabilitation of the Cervical Spine in the Athlete. Sports Physical Therapy Section Home Study Course-1996: Chapter 4, William D Bandy, Phd,PT, SCS, ATC, University of Central Arkansas. 

Chuck Whedon, MS, ATC:  

Present Position: Coordinator of Athletic Training, Rowan University, Glassboro NJ. 
Education Undergrad: Slippery Rock University.  
Master's Degree: University of Kansas. 
Faculty: Instructor, Dept. of Health and Exercise Science, Rowan University. 
Past President: Athletic Trainer's Society of NJ. 
Publications: Whedon C. Assessment and Management of Eye Injuires, Sports Medicine Update, 13(4), 1999. 
Presentations (14): Most Recent: Upper Extremity Injuries, High School Student Athletic Trainer Workshop, 4/99. 

Dr. Steve Zabinski, MD:  

Present Position: Shore Orthopedic University Associates, Somers Point, NJ. 
Education Undergrad: Brooklyn College.  
Education MD: Columbia University, College of Physicians & Surgeons. 
Orthopedic Residency: The Hospital for Special Surgey, Cornell University. 
Publications (9): Most Recent: Field LD, Dines DM, Zabinski SJZ/MAT and Warren RF. Hemiarthroplasty of the Shoulder for Rotator Cuff Arthropathy. Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery. 6(1): 18-23, 1997.  
Presentations (5): Most Recent: "Proximal Femoral Fracture Following Cannulated Screw Fixation of Femoral Neck Fractures." Hospital for Special Surgery Alumni Scientific Forum. 10/95 

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