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Pox and the City: A Digital Role-Playing Game for the History of Medicine
Phrenology in Philadelphia, 1820-1840: Prison Reform and the Criminal Mind

Mouse over the crania to see the phrenological organ associated with each region of the brain. Note that the Propensities are at the back and sides, the Sentiments at the top, and the Perceptive and Reflective qualities at the front.

Source: Robert Macnish, An Introduction to Phrenology (Edinburgh: Oliver and Boyd, 1836).

Causality Causality Causality Causality Comparison Eventuality Wit Wit Wit Wit Time Time Time Time Form, Size, Weight, Coloring, Locality, Number, Order, Language Form, Size, Weight, Coloring, Locality, Number, Order, Language Imitation Individuality Imitation Imitation Wonder Wonder Hope Hope Self-Esteem Hope Cautiousness Cautiousness Conscientiousness Conscientiousness Love of Approbation Conscientiousness Love of Approbation Benevolence Firmness Cautiousness Cautiousness Benevolence Love of Approbation Love of Approbation Adhesiveness Alimentiveness Secretiveness Secretiveness Secretiveness Combativeness Combativeness Amativeness Combativeness Adhesiveness Amativeness Philoprogenitiveness Concentrativeness Adhesiveness Destructiveness Secretiveness Acquisitiveness Constructiveness Self-Esteem Love of Approbation Cautiousness Firmness Veneration Wonder Ideality Wit Imitation Form, Size, Weight, Coloring, Locality, Number, Order, Language Time Comparison Causality
Crime Scene Edinburgh: The case of Mary McKinnon, 1823

Chemical Dissertations in the Digital World: 18th Century Chemical Knowledge and VisualEyes
Chemical Dissertation