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"I loved it.  it was so much fun.  I learned what I liked best about forensics and criminology."

"I am very glad I came here.  It revealed to me what the whole deal was all about in the most realistic way possible.  Two thumbs up. :-)"

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Stockton CSI
















Camp Schedule

Stockton CSI Schedule

  • Check-in 1:00-3:00 Housing 5, Bldg 22 (Kerria)
  • Introduction / camp information
  • Class on types of death/ work of first responders
  • Class on collecting evidence and recording crime scene
  • Crime scene investigation
  • Police reports
  • Eye-witness interviews
  • Case work
  • Field trip to jail
  • Crime scene investigation
  • Case work
  • Field trip to Medical Examiner's Office
  • Suspect arrested
  • Trial prep. with attorney
  • Prosecution and defense prepare for trial
  • Prepare for trial
  • Trial
  • Verdict
  • Camp wrap-up
  • Watch Movies / parents pick up kids 4:00-6:00 Housing 5, Bldg 22 (Kerria)

*Subject to minor scheduling changes








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